Meeting Notes/20170719

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Member meeting

Present: Gardner, Danny M., Rob R., David Glusenco, Martin B., Joe Ngo, Riley, Colin, Max, 5 to 6 others

Quarterly Meeting scheduled for May 6th, 2pm.

Dedicated spaces -- decide to sub-divide the remaining cubical space

Getting rid of abandoned property:

  • Start using the space jail again ?
  • What is Texas Abandoned property laws ?
  • Can we amend the waiver / joining agreement with a provision that property is abandoned after a period of time ?
  • Monthly clean of all workstations ?

General agreement to enforce space jail Martin will take over cleaning the fridge regularly

Clearing unused squarefootage, for better usage:

  • We will make a committee, Danny Miller chair, to makerecommendations


  • Exec: Mike / Gardner
  • Questions: 1 and 5 year plans ? Can we grow to 1000 members ?
    • Mike: make space more appealing to females and in general
  • Question: what is your job as far as handling no-show board members ?
    • Gardner: that is part of my job, we've gotten a lot better over time
    • Mike: I have no problem calling people out gently, it is a volunteer position and sometimes people burn out


  • Joe Narvarez: How are we going to get in on the sweet bootcamp money ?
  • Martin: we need a few months to get teachers to trust us, get some other policies in place
  • Max: Need to talk to teachers and keep them motivated
  • Colin: clunkiness in process, I have to show up just to see if there are students available for the class
  • Question about outreach efforts -- Martin discusses SXSW and boy scouts, etc

Announcements: Martin had some Arduinos to re-stock the vending machine with