Meeting Notes/20170705

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Members / board meeting:

  • Upgrading wifi --
    • How much do we need for 5 new Ubiquity access points ? $600 +/- ? Jessica and Martin are proposing
    • Elrod says these would be a big improvement
    • Proposal amount will be "up to $1000"
  • Torrenting notices from Grande - we need to force people to use VPNs for everything, solve the whole problem
  • Install cameras -- use Swan cameras we already have -- only board can look, in response to an incident
    • not sure what hardware we need -- Martin and Mike K. will assess
    • Policy-wise, installing cameras ( board-only accessible, incident-only review ) was already voted and passed a long time ago

Martin discussion item: Gift card / key fob for selling gift memberships in the future ?

Discussion on shipping laser tubes and why it took so long to pack them, decide on what to do -- David G. asks Danny M. why it took so long.

We will buy new aluminum honeycomb from Martin's stock ( $90 ).