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Member Meeting 4-19-2017

Present: Gardner, Danny M., Rob R., David Glusenco, Martin B., Joe Ngo, Riley, COlin, Max, 5 to 6 others

Quarterly Meeting scheduled for May 6th, 2pm.

Item - Rental of workstations

dedicated desks. members can permanently rent desk space. it is their personal space for them alone.Facilities discretion to set guidelines for presentability. greater utilization of space, opportunity for membership, and income.

concerns- members may feel that they now have to pay for something theyve always had. getting members to respect

Martin proposes that the 1 and 1/3 space left over in co working have 3 desks placed in it for interested parties on an experimental business Agreement is that board and Director of Facilities can proceed on this without a member vote.

Item - permanent removal of unclaimed items

What is our legal situation? Texas abanodoned property law says you must keep anything of permanent value for a period of 3 years.

Decision to reinvigorate and enforce the space jail policy.

Item- clearing more sq ft, cleanup. Form a small committee to identify underutilized spaces and bring proposals to the membership to solve the problem. danny will chair committee.

announce to the membership the formation of the committee

set a date for first meeting.


  • Exec: Mike / Gardner
  • Questions: 1 and 5 year plans ? Can we grow to 1000 members ?
  • Mike: make space more appealing to females and in general
  • Question: what is your job as far as handling no-show board members


  Gardner:  that is part of my job, we've gotten a lot better over
  Mike: I have no problem calling people out gently, it is a
  volunteer position and sometimes people burn out


  • Joe Narvarez: How are we going to get in on the sweet bootcamp money


  Martin: we need a few months to get teachers to trust us, get some
  other policies in place
  Max: Need to talk to teachers and keep them motivated
  Colin: clunkiness in process, I have to show up just to see if
  there are students available for the class
  Question about outreach efforts -- Martin discusses SXSW and boy
  scouts, etc

Announcements: Martin had some Arduinos to re-stock the vending machine with