Meeting Notes/20170407

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Board meeting

Present - Rob R., Joe Ngo, Gardner Williams, David Glusenko, Danny Miller Also members Mike K., Max, a few others

Vote to purchase Russell's Sewing machine, $500 plus member chip-ins -- passes

Quarterly meeting -- April 22d 2pm Last candidate interviews then, then vote goes out. Given we are still trying to get more candidates, and it has been poorly advertised, we want more time.

Discussion of how to increase member involvement: a couple of more people have recently bought B-shares, and we want to advertise it more.

We want to have a big cleanup day next weekend, after Prophase is in the biolab.

Motion from Danny: we declare one of the big workbenches as a "clean bench" you can never leave stuff on it, and hang a big sign above it. Everyone at the meeting approves, we decide it does not need a vote as it is within the Director of Facilities purview.