Meeting Notes/20170405

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Member meeting:

Present: Gardner, Danny, Rob R. Joe Ngo., Colin ( had to leave at some point) Members: Mike K., Eduardo L., Alex O., Ivan, Elrod

Old Business: CNC Router Class: Happened, 2 students went through

CNC Plasma Cutter:

  • Not a lot got done on it (Joe had many things on it)
  • Danny: what is division of labor between Mobius and Joe on this ?
  • Joe: homing switches need to be added, wire and switches are there

but need to be installed, material height sensor is weird and sometimes crashes on thinner materials ?

  • Danny: is there a forum or tech support ? Joe: I joined their

facebook forum, but we should just call the company, there is a company with tech support. Joe: update on mailing list sometime end of next week

Build out: Many people say props to Danny for speed of getting it work. Eduardo getting float and tape supplies, floor will be done between 8 and 12 tomorrow, this one will be paid for on an invoice basis For 24hours treat floor very lightly Float and tape will be done after, and then rubber base cove

New Business:

Juki proposal will be discussed at board meeting since donations will probably bring it below $500. Instead of doing a member vote we may be able to fund it separately.

Candidates: Only one for Dir of Ops -- Rob Ristroph. Dir of Education: Martin Bogomolni, Travis "Max" Mason, both not present

Executive Director: Gardner Williams (incumbant) and Mike Kiamanesh Mike K. for Executive Director: Healthy Lounge - ban chemical mixing, address dust air/quality Business issues - tour bus is rediculous for $50/mo Women - make space appealable to 50% of the demographic that it is not now, cleanliness is big, Juki sewing maching is part of it, our demographics are indicating failures We need to have less adversion to open dialog, open dialog is not the same as confrontation

Thoughts on non-profit status ? (Experience with Prophase, did easy route of less than $30k route, not possible for ATXHS) Conflicts of interest ? With Prophase, and with future non-profit ? General agreement that it is not a big issue, but transparency is important.

Gardner for Executive Director: Been Exec for 3 years, space has had steady improvement on that time, has been a little absent for a couple of months, but recently has been around more. Endorses most of Mike K's goals on cleanliness and health. Strongly in favor of non-profit status, thinks it will be able to purchase the hackerspace, and have a role even if not. Wants Hackerspace to do more community outreach, need to clean up and be more presentable to get there. Danny: Email thread trolling, some people felt Gardner acted in bad faith towards the hackerspace ? I felt it was done for personal reasons and harmed the membership. Rob: How would you handle similar situations in the future ? Gardner: I may have made a mistake, but there was no bad faith and I was acting to protect the Hackerspace. The rumours were out there and had to be addresses head on. I am not 100% satisfied with the resolution, not in best way, but it at least won't come back and bite us in the future. In the future I would look back on this to handle things differently ?

Alex: I would like to ask that there be no racism towards Russians, refers to Facebook posts about weapons making, etc. Other people point out that particular post was deleted after Danny contacted the author.

Danny: What do candidates and board feel about Boy Scout partnership / involvement, what direction does that send us in ? Rob: talk on experiences from running Little Hackers General discussion on outreach / community parts of the space.