Meeting Notes/20161207

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Mobius, Jason, ? Mike K from Prophase, Danny Miller, Joe Ngo, Chris Robison, Gardner Williams, Mert Eastman, Derik from Robot Group, Rob Ristroph

  • Why is previous vote not closed yet ? ( Dir of Admin not here )
  • When should nominations close for Dir of Facilities ?

Mobius: I want to offer to the space the Lincoln Welder for $800 (no one jumps at it)

Chem Lab build out:

Prophase wants clarification on next steps -- what steps are separate ? Gardner: want to do all walls in one step Mobius: contractors should do the taller walls and drop ceiling Gardner: we need a floor plan to vote on to do the next step

Mike: a month ago we still were stuck at the floorplan drawing point, we are still there -- what can we do to help ? Danny: what parts do we need now ? Mike: convert bathroom, convert other bathroom back, make lab

  • Rob will confirm with HPI if we need to pre-approve floorplan,

Joe Ngo suggests building a wall without electrical and then doing it ourselves, Mobius says we can do it that way and up to code

Danny: there are structural problem with the building, X-brace rod is missing; also all braces are installed with the wrong bolts and missing a washer. Danny says that Tim said he talked to HPI, there was supposed to be an Engineer's visit that never happened

Mike K: wifi is slow in the co-working, what can we do to make it faster ?

Alarm: it's still broken, do we need it ? Can we get rid of it ? Joe Ngo: can we have an alarm with a siren that does nothing ? Danny: that is actually illegal in Austin, I think

Rob R: can do a camera system and no alarm, and replace it with that ? Brady Gupton (came in late), and Chris Robison agree that a camera system is better suited to us, have it message the board or others on certain triggers.