Meeting Notes/20161111

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Complaints on about behavior of a board member

Dir of Admin - recounts specific complaint Target of Complaint - recounts their side

Other discussion, possibility of letter of apology

Exec Dir: has a friend who does sensitivity training, possible board-wide required class ?

Side complaints about other disagreements with target board member, eventually set aside.

Dir of Ops: does the target of the complaint really want to stay on the job ? Recounts list of unexpected duties and work related to possition, it has more of a "people person" / "public facing" role than expected. Target of complaint is not sure, Exec Dir points out that an immediate answer is unreasonable.

  • Discussion of "tech" versus "public face" sides of the board job
  • Target of complaint likes to just get stuff done, not be in front of the cameras
  • Gardner and Rob discuss board being public facing, other positions

like committee members doing the tech work, future structure as space exppands

  • target of complaint mentions massive disruptions of solar donation, dealing with car

projects, members leaving dirty work areas, etc

  • Dir of Ed: other behavior of target of complaint, eventually deemed unrelated in discussion

Conclusion: do nothing now, have a follow up meeting is Tuesday 7pm