Meeting Notes/20160931

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Present: Rob Ristroph, David Glusenco, Mert Eastman, Rob Williams, Gardner, Joe Ngo

Status of the double unit in co-working - Rob R. to contact

HVAC contract - Rob R. will follow up

Bathroom cleaning -- need specific task list - Joe Ngo and David to speak to cleaner


* 16k, not specified that matching, they have to approve
* Grande -- they can do it
* No parking lot paint
* Parking situation remains under "gentleman's agreement", Gardner in  particular is unhappy with it, but we will go with it because we don't have much choice

Crowd funding a voting membership for those organizing space improvements ? General agreement it is good, several board members volunteered to contribute.

Dir of PR: can I set up a Cafepress store for rewards to give people, and also to make money for the space -- approved

Follow up meeting needs to be scheduled wtih one member about mess

Similar meeting with another member, about electronic lab space disarray

Proposal about Committees from David -- committee heads -- 3D printing, other departments, and committee heads in charge Rob: rules about committee running, posting on the web page

Ambassador / buddy system, signage

Camera purchase approved, David will send link to Mert

Canopy Tent is approved by vote

Tiny Homes -- it's a go --

Barnes and Noble mini-maker-faire - PR is one it

Gardner's DC trip:

  • List of resources to get money
  • Some are still coming in
  • SBIRs, other sources
  • Facebook group
  • Slack Channel - 30 rooms - mostly discussing who should be on slack
  • Create an entity / lobbying group for all Hackerspaces, trade association, or something
  • Andrew Coy -- Make a list of common issues to Hackerspaces - by Sunday the 4th