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Quarterly Meeting of ATX Hackerspace : September 24, 2016


Treasurer Report

       •       Membership stands at 195
       •       9 new members - 4 cancellation
       •       5 have not paid for September
       •       5 are getting cards turned off ( 3 month no-pay )
       •       $11,108 income for August
       •       4% from Coworking
       •       2% from classes
       •       1% comes from Storage

September $1702 -

$5052 deposit for new lease ( added to orignal $5k deposit, in order to avoid having a guarantor co-sign the lease)

December : Rent jumps $1300 - $8532

Cash on hand $23,654

Cleaning Day Report

       •       huge amount of progress
       •       auto bay cleanup successful, oil pickup still needs to be done
       •       Painting of main corridor area upcoming - Colin Hendee
       •       member storage area / biochem lab still need to be addressed
       •       Display case for the lobby area?  ( Colin Hendee )
       •       We need to pick up the stuff we "piled" into a corner
       •       Design front desk area / kitchen area / etc
       •       Brady : Overall the cleanup day was a fabulous success
       •       If the board were to institute a punishment plan for "problematic hackers"
       •       Having them show up to cleanup day for a number of hours?
       •       Restrict to weekends, limited time, until they clean up
       * Rob: let's not punish with cleaning, otherwise people will never do it unprompted, but their might be a better way - fines ?
       •       Give shop committee leaders to clean shop spaces that aren't their own
       •       If everything is WELL LABELED this is a good test of a cleanup procedure

Colin, Brady post to mailing list and re-form the Space Improvement Committee

We don't have wiki pages for each printer that show you how to use them. We need to go through the "hosting" stickers and update the wiki.

Storage Policy

Adjust storage policy! Take the two of the largest platform furniture dolly ( 48 x 30" platform ) to store items. Facilities director would determine where it goes. 3 months, without guaranteed renewal --- monthly? There should be some time limit.

Lease Renewal Status

       •       Lease has been renewed!  It is signed
       •       We have a 5 year lease, w/ slow increases over time ( 3c per square foot per year )
       •       no hard rules about parking
       •       16K TI money that must be spent in a year
       •       Remove foam wall, fix roll-up doors, etc
       •       Neighboring tennant offered to take over lease -- $6k month extra
       •       Brady, Martin, Gardner - Sit pat -- wait

Prophase Studio : Pond Springs / 183

       •       Bio hackerspace. - PHD people from UT
       •       They approached the board can we merge hackerspaces
       •       501c3 charter / non profit space
       •       Looking to merge and have a restricted access lab that requires a class

to access

       •       No timeframe, we don't know when their lease ends
       •       Jason Pitts ( Alamo RV's - RV rennovation and customization ) and

Prophase may be a good choice to expand the hackerspace to the area that Castle CNC used to have.

Networking/Door Status

       •       Front Door works
       •       Card list has been audited -- anyone whose card does not work

should talk to ops@

       •       Thomas : Front door and back door is stable
       •       Try to get the Co-Working Door
       •       Replace front door with a Pi + PiFace
       •       Brady has replaced the Time Warner modem ( filter is removed ) and

bandwidth is stable

       •       New router is in place - everything is stable
       •       Martin will give Space Edgerouter Lite hardware ( VPN+ )
       •       We need to replace a cheap switch ( gigabit - $40 )
       •       Back door is now fully functional - Chiefwiggum reverse lookup failure
       •       Classroom - purchased computers from Kira
       •       We should buy some new monitors, and install Windows 7
       •       Inkscape, Python, Arduino, Corel X8, Vcarve Pro, Gimp,

Candidate Q&A:


  Duties of the Director of Administration
       •       Company record keeper and minutes
       •       Maintenance of the company calendar
       •       Maintain contracts, records
       •       Company announcements
       •       Wiki maintenance
       •       Sending out and recording votes
  Colin Hendee
       •       Pretty much everyone in the room knows me fairly well ... ( Thomas

-- "It's COLON, right?" )

       •       Leadership experience - Worked on large scale art projects, people

material and planning. Collecting the right people with the right skillsets to make a job happen. Worked on 1000+ person event planning. Had leadership roles in community projects like community gardens.

       •       Being on top of sending emails out, organizing systems to make it

efficient and easy. Keeping all documents straight.

       •       I have not had a straight-up administrative position.
       •       I would like to accomplish -- I don't think it's been done right. I

am active, and though I'm not excited about sending email out, I'll do it for the good of the space.

       •       What motivates me?  I'm in love with the hackerspace, I believe in

it as a community and social movement. A place where small business can flourish. The more they are here, the less they are couch potatoing.

       •       For a long time I have put in a lot of effort as far as donating my

time and skillsets into improving the space, and this is another way I can express that.

       •       How many hours a well?  As many as it takes ( 10 hours? ) it

probably will be more than that.

       •       What goals do I have?  Expand membership, create a more professional

and organized environment. Where we have system in place to make printouts when they join up. Make sure people are in the loop, and help other people in board positions -- emails about classes and other things.

       •       What plans do I have to achieve those goals?  ( see above )
       •       If I get large scale project that consume my time ?  In that situation

I would ask a couple other of the board members to.

       •       I don't have a lot of experience with filing.   But I get off on

getting things organized. I'll do what it takes to get paper filing done.

       •       What's your typing speed-- pretty fast.  ( Rob - Mobile or desktop )


       Responsibilities : "Shop Boss" maintains a clean useable working

environment for the members. Infrastructure chief. Safety inspector. Shop cleanliness. In charge of the committees that take care of these delegated responsibilities.

Danny Miller

       •       Electrical engineer.   Been in love with it from the beginning.

Helped find this place when we were looking for a place. Came up with the high bay lightning system for the hackerspace. Did the calculations for power/cost illumination levels. Figured out how to fund it.

       •       Found the red laser deal when it was a piece of scrap, and got

people on board to get the project. Put together the co-op and comittee.

       •       Designed the CNC
       •       Put together spring cleaning in past
       •       Maintain much of the shop equipment
       •       Use the tools here, and so I know how to use them
       •       I've taught the Blue, Red, and CNC class
       •       I want to expand woodworking, change out the shelves for more space
       •       New floorplan - want to support a new floorplan and get contractors

to make it happen

       •       Put together a central dust collector system
       •       The layout has to be centralized and planned
       •       Whittle down tools to "actual working tools" from the ragtag collection
       •       Better organized workspaces and signage
       •       Change our workbenches to something with solid tops ( doesn't stain )
       •       Tagging things for things that are left ( red tag, etc 0
       •       Lockout system for broken tools
       •       Breaking things down into shop areas w/ delegations
       •       Keep networking committee separate - DoF took it over because Tim
       •       I'd like to see more transparency on the board

How would you deal with storage at the space?

       •       Right now we have equipment that the space own ( romex cable, etc )

.. if we don't have an immediate need it should be gotten rid of, stored off-site in Space Jail ?

       •       There needs to be a lot more hands-on regulation of how space is

used for storage

       •       More assertive in handling how we deal with things that are 'just left' here\
       •       I already spend most of my nights here -- 20-30 hours per week.  I

live near here, and I'm big on delegation here ... I want to prevent things from getting down to one person. Hours delegate out to the committees --- volunteering is a mixed bag, when you're delegating that sort of thing, you have to manage your expectation on getting things done, and be very focused on what is needed to get it done.

       •       You don't need to lay out a lot of blame on someone being flaky,

but you need to move on if so.

       •       You need to give people authority to do what needs to get done.
       •       It's not down to just one person to do all the things.

Brady Gupton

       •       Pretty much everyone knows that I can be verbose and opinionated,

but take a look at what I've done. Take a look at the Auto Bay as the way I'd like to see the rest of the space be, even if I have to do it myself

       •       I hope by the time I am done - or burned out - that others will

have an easier time than the past.

       •       Regarding delegation : A lot of it is already being done -- just

not officially. Danny takes care a lot of the workshop with William Haines. Metalshop with Mobius and Joe.

       •        I have ideas about what I think will work and how I think they

should be. They are just ideas and I'm open to change. Just because I think things should be done one way, is subject to the population of the hackerspace.

       •       Tell us about a couple of the projects you've undertaken ?
       •       Documentation - The wiki is a great idea, and it's great for people

who never let go of their phones, but I'm trying to get hard copies of the tools printed up and stored and near the tools. Keeping a filing cabinet in the shop or shop(s) to hold the manuals. I have digital copied assembled and organized by space on the public share drive - ATXHS documentation - and further subdivide things based on space... some are difficult to come by. Working on aggregating them together--- then start going through them and creating "tools for dummy cards" to be laminated and fastened to the tools. So that people can reference them and not hurt themselves.

       •       I've taken part in a lot of the cleanups that have been going on,

and I've been streamlining things. Just before the meeting I pulled about half a cubic foot of cables out of the AV rack in the hacketeria to clean up the wiring. Rob/Kira/Thomas and I have cleaned out the server room and assembled into a decent and organized workspace.

       •       Currently on the network committee -- If you are elected as DoF, do

you want to continue doing that? I think the DoF should have a seat in every committee, best way is to make sure in the loop. Should't be the -lead- of the comitttee, it's for delegating -- all for openness and streamlining, and KISS, and open source where possible.

       •       One of my goals of the space is to remove all the single points of

failure for equipment and positions. Having two people that know all the pieces, and that the committees are active. Two people responsible or backing each other up.

       •       It depends what's going on?   I was here 10-12 hours the other day

working on getting the internet up. 20-30 gig once stable.


       Responsibilities :
  • Class organizer, schedules classes and instructors - principal
  • Chief of certification, developing curriculums and safety courses
  • Responsible for educating new and old members about the culture of ‘excellence’
       Martin Bogomolni
       Founder of Hackerspace, loves it, has devoted a ton of time and resources over the years.
       Demoed a more automated web-managed class booking system:
       Walked through both front and back end via overhead projector
       Questions on payment system (everything but Bitcoin), class pre-requistes, many other features.  General conscensus was it is very impressive.
       Brady : How will you make sure teachers are interested in teaching?
       Martin: our compensation is good, I am willing to adjust it, we need to help promote the classes as well
       Some discussion of specific classes we should offer that we don't, and then need promote classes outside of the Hackerspace once we offer them


 * Batpass - We need to figure out how to add accounts to the Batpass, that part is not self-serve
 * Lease & Insurance Policy - several members wanted to review these documents and where shown them