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Meeting initated 19:40

Gardner discussing his trip to D.C.

- Programs not active just yet for funding and developing for

 Hacker/Maker-spaces but there is tentative plans for that

- All Hacker/Maker-spaces are now collaborating (~200 attended the meeting) - Mainly board members are involved in the continuation of

  collabration that occured in D.C.

- Plans to have additional meetings, solving problems on own, and

 coming up with future plans

- Form interest pools for hackerspaces such as reduced insurance,

 software special licenses or allowances

- Gardner intends to create an email with an over-view of everything

 over the meeting in D.C. and have notes that were taken at the
 gathering and be able to inform everyone at the space(s) that will
 be involved 

Structure question for the future plans:

Gardner's Answer: grants are planned for whatever time period the specific brand needs it for, no time restraint. Collaborative efforts have no-limitations either

Rob R. Q: Name of event? Gardner: Nation of Makers

Rob R. Discussing points to most grant-based functions. 3 phases

1st - bring attempt materials for potential 2nd - prototype 3rd - money for phase three if sold commercially

Gardner: mentione D.o.D. contracts not selling to the government

- Website: - simliar to spr - a lost of challenges

 people have put money behind

- As progress is made, specific tools are planned to be made to find

 programs simliar to mention above (to apply these to things like
 grant-writing and gateway projects etc.)

- Facebook and news have publicized the Nation of Makers

Agenda Topic: Treasurer report Initiated: 19:53 Mert had to take leave Report is posted at 2016budget.xlsx spreadsheet Discussion on report took place at meeting

Rob R. mentioned mained thing being the membership dues and the predominance of the incoming, class fees and other one-time expenses: - flight to D.C. - Wilder - Wiring for CNC Plasma Recurring item cost is approximately $1000 and increasing

      • Questions can be posted in the spreadsheet file that went out with

the mailing list (inclusive of 2 other pdfs for viewing) just respond to the end with the question(s)

Board Position Q&A Initated at 19:53 3 Candidates running for Director of Education: 1. Jon I. - absent had event 2. Hisako P. - present 3. Martin B.- absent, but has hangout invite

These candidates submissions can be viewed at a shared spreadsheet that will be posted to GoogleGroups

Rob R. mentions that the ideas thrown around with the previous D.o.E. an initiative to get rid of the long orientation in place of a safety book/pamphlet and a quick tour for showing the space An example from the Dalls MakerSpace of a mole-skin with half-filled with rules/regulations and the other is a note-book

Specific questions presented to Hisako during meeting Q: How feels about regarding documentation/paper-work in place of orientation and classes A: (abbreviated) good idea to try and shorten the orientation time and provide some kind of personal-notation device to get questions in or take notes, but not on board with total replacement of hands-on class education/training and if anything use the additional documentation as supportive points and not necessarily a replacement on the classes themself

Danny Q: Infrastructure for the classes, purchasing, notations/instructions etc. A: this is placed on the Google Calendar for red-tags, instructions etc.

Danny: Google Calendar occupants aren't taking the necessary steps provided when they are posted Rob R.: We have stand-alone web applications, plugins for wiki. etc, something more for the networking committee Danny: D.o.E. job or committee of software job?

Rob R.: there are policies in place for posting receipt #s to prove purchase for class taking

David G. : We have a WordPress site that 80-90% complete with plugins that can provde the functionality Danny was concerned about. He recommends that we should go this route for tracking receipts purchases and that's the direction we're striving for

Danny content with response

D.o.F. questionnare concluded at 20:14

Director of Facilities Q&A 1. Brady G. - present 2. Danny - present 3. Dimitry - present

Dimitry: member for year and half, live in neighborhood next door, broad history working in hackerspaces, used to work in techshop in N.C., work on the laser cutter a lot here, he feels that this place isn't as well-run, professional or flowing as it could be. Have a lot of ideas that are going in the right direction for work-flow, ideas for hiring some staff for flow of facilities, desires to work on the hackerspace to improve

Danny: been a member and active for many years. Assisted in selection of this building, assisted in improvement on the building we currently have, has found big-red laser and hadn't had the money to purcahse himself but was part of a movement to get finances, shipment, build and maintain the laser. I do most of the maintenance on the laser, many of the tools and already do a lot of the maintenance. I do laser-cutters, CNC, pretty good worker (There's better ones than me), I pay attention to whta tools need and to be worked on. We have a big clean-up/mess problem; it is not entirely about sweeping up, weh ave mediocre dust-collection, so I came up with an idea for the dust-collection system. I admist it's poor but I know what it takes to make a better one and where to palce tools pretty much permanently because of things like plumbing. I am looking toward a better layout as there's been a lot of talk on better layouts. I know how to get contractors out here and knwo where to find them. I just love to help this place grow more in the future, I'd like to be a bit harder on the enforcement of things left around and tracking them. I'm here pretty often so I see how much thigns are left around and who usually leaves them.

Brady: Been a member here 6+ months or so, came from Houston, everyone knows I was in the Navy. I had some small leadership projects prior to the Navy: music store, brought sales up, bigger building etc. when I was in the Navy I was a crew-leader, leader in sub-school, generally had 8-12 guys in the crew that I worked with, eventually became assistant building manager for chapel off base, inclusive of me and 3-4 other guys. A lot of things done there as accounting adn dispoal. Was leader of deck-division on the boat, on division of team of 2-dozen for beautification and qualitiy control of the boat, second boat was land-center supervisor, responsible for 2million dollars worth of inventory, scheudling and maintenance and building. Have done work with theaters, crews there, sound & audio engineering and I've been a member of quite a many crews doing all sorts of things.

Rob R. Question for Dimitry: What did you do at TechShop? Dimitry: assistant or working at the front of the desk as first point of contact for manging classes, and the facilities person who interacted with persons using equipment, cleaning duties, I was the second-person to the facilities maintenance. I did some construction as there was some filling out at the space. One other thing, I jut finished getting my electric license, part of my desire to be invovled in facilities is to make sure that what we're building and future expansion are up to code and are safe and able to go forward. I know we like to do things ourself, but you never know if we aren't careful with everything

Rob R. Accomplishment points bringin up Brady - documentation/manuals Danny - floor plan, I'd like to put in more labeling for tools and safety issue and markings on the floor and requirements for usage. I'd like to work on a lock-out system for tool usage Dimitry - safety

Chris R. fundamental function at TechShop, feels good idea, but we need better implementation/working than TechShop

Brady: I'm not against that at all, but I feel we have a lot mroe critical base-issues that need to be solved rather than RFID badges, when we have chemical-concerns that need to be addressed, fire-extinguishers with pressure, safety up to code. My Goal - as standards are growing and getting away from club and getting more to an organization level, we need to get into standardization of everything and open-source format for documentation for access for tool use

Rob R. Scrolling through rest of the questionnairett We've covered this section, any other questions?

Dimitry: I think we have the resources with all the members to contribute to the space being better, we're just missing an orgnaizational aspect; if we have a more division of responsiblities and priorities, what needs to happen and accontability we can progress forward.

Conclude D.o.F. at 20:30

Initate Director of Admin at 20:31 Colin - I am interseted in the position. Can I have time to fill out the questionnaire?

Rob R.- of course, we will leave the DoA open until the end of the week for further applicants before putting this to vote

Gardner: what we've done in the past has been open nominations for one meeting, close on next meeting, then the third have the vote, or at the quarterly meeting. A week to 2 weeks for applications to be up

Gardner - wait 2 more weeks for applications to be open Rob R. Consensus taken and put to the notes to leave applications open

LEase Expansion initated 20:34 Rob R.: Lease for 2 years. Increase rate at 5cents per year per square foot. If Austin raises prop. tax, we get hit, but we have protection from other increases. We had offer and asked for more on a variety of things such as improvements. No budge on parking lease, but under gentlemans agreement they won't inspect the space unless another tennant complains.

- We got 16K approved, not for matching, jut spending for their

 approval and supervision on contractors and so on. Still have to go
 through property manager, but at least we can use our own
 contractors, they jut want to rubber-stamp it

Storage container brought up as big discussion point Documentation on other tennants no-nos (grey hound busses, cars for sale etc.)

Danny Q: signage out front? A: Rob R. can put, no neon cost $500

Q: Kira: outside on the road? $500 A: Rob R.: 1-time price

Gardner: I think we have an email to the affect of the cost for this signage.

Rob R. Director of P.R. would need to approve this and fall under there. Having a sign seems like a good idea

- on that lease, my cents is that we should take it as is and not

 necessarily fight for more. I don't know if that's the cents of the
 board, we didn't vote on that, and it's a big financial decision. We
 don't have many choices though. Its' either sign the lease or be
 homeless at the end of November. 

Derek: we had a broker to help with commercial realestate

Rob R.: we didn't have to pay him, the lease company paid for him

Gardner: there's an amount in the lease set aside for this and if we didn't have our own, that money in the lease would go toward their H.M. but the amount doesn't change

Danny: Anyone co-singing?

Gardner & Rob R: we're going to secure this lease without a co-sign since we're oneo of the oldest tennants. We also pay our rent on time

Q: Brady: roof panels for solar? A: Rob R. ban on roof-access, possibly on the side-of building for panels

Colin: I have a crazy idea to plant in for the idea that we should consider moving, which would be a huge task, how much more successfull we would be in the central east side in Austin. I know a building that is vaccant that the (Shocomb Collective?) that made payments, dude is renting it out, had a melt-down and doesn't want it anymore. I jut wonder how many more memebrs we cuold attract if we moved to a larger area with more of the hacker-space minded people

Danny: one of our concerns is parking

Colin: they have a huge log

Chris R: they do have a very impressive lot

Colin: It's off tillery. WE'd be placing ourself in the gentrification wave that's sweeping in the area.

Gardner: my concern is that its 2x as much per sq/ft andre if we get in right before the gentrification that our lease is going to go up

Rob R.: if that project is that much more sapce and huge, we can try and raise money from big-donors. If we do this as aw ell-funded project, we coul buy our way out of the entire lease.

Rob R: The unit next door want to get out of their lease. They're in it for 2 years. We could take it over for that time. If something happens we can take it over and bail out if need be. Price is about 6K a month, offered 3 months free then we take it over. The final thing was 2K off the first 2 months.

Time: 21:08

Rob R.: Proposal to move the CAM Class to the end of meeting for the interest of time Gardner seconded this movement

Time: 21:08

RobR: 1 thing to cover is to cover the DoP responsiblity of committee management - I'm going to put something up roughtly like what's presented in the meeting to the Google Discussions - Have to have a committee meetings, caneldar, minimum of 3 people there, take notes+miutes and post on the wiki and post 1 time a month ^ must meet these requirements to be a committee - meeting doesn't have to be physical - meeting doesn't have to have people there physically for meeting

Any comments on the committees:

Brady: once a month a tad bit harsh, such as large activities in a month

Time: 21:15

SChedule quarterly meeting:

Gardner: 2 weeks notice, history on weekend RobR: 24th of September Gardner: generally around 14:00-15:00 RobR: 14:00 is set

VCarve Discussion

RobR: We have VCarve Pro installed on classroom machines

Time: 21:15

Proposal: Exhaustive cleaning - closed shop for one day and clean. Would require a vote - tag tools - ultimate choice of Director of Facilities - Colin wants a vote to be able to throw away derelict tools & othe thing to vote on for new systme & rules of cleanliness

Brady: working on extension on facilities and operations for a system known as Kai-Zen or 5-S, lean process management etc. Basically has it's place, everything in it's place, get out what you need, do what you need, clean - get out.

Colin - I think we hold tooth and nail to every member, but there are some that have probably pushed away a lot more than what their membership is worth and it's time to crack down on that. The number one retractor from growth is cleaninless

RobR: bringing it back, we need to have a vote on a day. How long to leave the vote open?

Gradner: a weekend or a full week

RobR: so start from today, Wednesday - 1 week from tonight, closes next wednesday, we could clse the shop next Saturday. Do we want to close the whole shop, hackerspace etc. ?

Colin: leave lounge open

RobR: cannot bring in any projects

Brady: everything from 304, 305, or whatever

RobR: huge amount of cleaning around lasers, interior of Red a& Blue need to be cleaned, and order a new bed at the same time.

RobR: let's make proposal for next Saturday (17th), 09:00-21:00 all shop to sign-in to get to.

Time at conclusion of meeting 21:33 Hisako motion to close meeting RobR seconds Brady third