Meeting Notes/20160817

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Meeting minutes

  • Mobius welding proposals
  * Gas bottles $63 / yr and $60 to fill, $10 to deliver, getting 2 bottles
  * Restricted access to a welding committee because of danger
  * Build restricted access cage ( $150 +/- )
  * Buy a welder - Eastwood Mig 250A / costs $750 +tax/shipping/accessories

Conclusion: Board will look into gas proposal (less than $500), Welder will be a voted proposal.

  • Gardner going to Washington
 * Came up recently with little notice
 * Whitehouse related - Office of Science and Technology Policy
 * Seems like high level exposure for us, and the possibility of learning of grants and other programs to apply for
 * Expenses: 2 hotel nights, flight, $775, Gardner mentioned gov rate per-diem, total comes to about $950
 * A couple of members kicked in small amounts to Gardner as "crowdfunding"


 * We will vote on a re-imbursement of hotel / flight for Gardner, those receipts are larger and easier to document (set a better precedence going forward)
 * Dir of PR will make up a form to apply for future such re-imbursements
 * We should have a predictable policy for re-imbursing these types of things, and a way for any member to apply
  • Mobius - Wood area working table
 * Chop saw at table level to provide for better surface for cutting long pieces, one chop saw only, will also have space for lathe set back a bit, more efficient and useful arrangement of space
 * Wood or Metal ? 
 * Sounds like material costs will be less than $300
 * Mobius will make a proposal, if Tool Committee likes it and it's under $500, the board will vote on it as being under the $500 rule

There was general discussion of getting back to video casting meetings. Technical options where discussed, Brady has some specific ideas about how to put together a dedicated web conference piece of equipment.

  • Floorplans -- general discussion
  No firm conclusion here.  There was some backing away from the pictures sent out on the list earlier, in favor of moving the scaffolding so it is not under any I-beams.  Colin is against having the lasers in a carpeted area.