Meeting Notes/20160406

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On the agenda was the election for Director of Administration for Board of Directors. Candidates were asked questions. Only one of the 3 candidates was present, Paisley.

Paisley was asked her goals, which were better meeting notes as admin, and growing community membership.

This lead to general discussion of community growing efforts, including a discussion of Parties, problems with under-staffed open parties in the past, and there was general agreement that a closed members-only and guests party, limited to the lounge and classroom area and not the rest of the space, might be more reasonable. No explicit plans were made.

The Clicker Press was discussed, and the conclusions were:

  • We would host them for 90 days and see if membership used them
  • There would be a class to be able to use them
  • We didn't need a Helios vote for this arrangement

After the meeting a spot was cleaned out and marked by the back door.

The CNC Router issue was discussed. Any voting was put off for two weeks because the proposal was put forth by Jon Imeson who was absent. However, Danny endorsed "option 1", which was to render the CNC Router usable with Mach3 and provide a class on it, and the current plan is that he will do that before the next meeting, making the issue moot.

The Lease on our current space and how we should extend it, or move, and/or expand was discussed:

  • It ends in November
  • When we inquired about expanding into the empty 5,333 sq ft space next door the management responded with an offer to renew on the existing space for 5 years, starting at about 8,500 per month and going up $240/mo per year to end up at 9,500 / mo.
  • We looked at listings for some other properties and they are all toward the north and east, and may not have enough power.

When we continue negotiations, we'd like to have a list of "tenent improvements" to ask HPI to partially fund -- the meeting discussed this and came up with this list:

  • Electrical - Welding / Auto area with new panel, increase total building service
  • Roof penetrations - vent for chemical lab area, for lasers so we can free up the door, for welding area so we can weld without the door open
  • new insulated roll up doors
  • AC over foyer
  • Drop Ceiling over foyer
  • Removal / replacement for foam wall between foyer and shop
  • Paint Lobby ( we may be able to do this ourself first )
  • Auto Lift (there was discussion about whether this was ever a practical thing to ask for, did City of Austin require a special permit, etc)
  • Carpeting in front
  • ATX Hackerspace signage on building and out front on the road