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DISCUSSION ITEMS PROPOSALS Official Event Guidelines 3D Printing SIG ( Martin ) Large format CNC wood router (Danny, Matt) Collaborative Animation Project (Chad, Rita)

Roll Call: 17 of 51 members. Quorum is met

Space allocation for a large format router Under the scaffolds near the temporary wall 2 routers would fairly neatly consume all the space

q: What are the differences?

Matthew Laurence Blackfoot 4’ x 8’ material - 2 to 3 weeks to be cutting things (not will need some help building - router itself will be the big draw (single phase) Router and other materials will be included by

Either way we will need to do dust collection The cheapy 2hp ish harbor freight options will be ~80

aside: shop air can be enabled by UV passive PEX

A large dust collection system could handle potentially handle two tools

Danny Miller Danny needs 3 phase 208 20 amps to VFD and spindle already acquired

Needs... Software: Are we using open source or do we need some? Motor drive and PC needed (Danny will donate G540 temporarily)

q: what are we going to do about the noise? a: The spindle itself on Danny’s is really quiet. The cutting is frikkin loud. It is working fast. Will it take 20 minutes, or 2 hours. You can’t have a conversation around. Hearing protection

q: Can we box this into a scaffolding area? a1: We don’t necessarily have the room for that. To isolate walls a2: Even a very basic wall would dampen this down, and that would be good. a1: Actually building something free-standing might be superior.

q: Wouldn’t it be possible to use a thick dampening curtain? a1: Not significant enough effect. That can dampen human conversation, but not

q: Is there a need to bolt the machines to the floor? a1: Not sure. Maybe. It might need some reinforcement to prevent walking

So what we are now deciding is to reserve the space to give these projects room for the assembly but not operation.

comnt: Mechmate router in Orlando hackerspace does

Full lower scaffold area near the temporary wall and double bathroom to be cleaned, prepared, and reserved for 2 months for the assembly and testing of router project M Lawrence, and Danny Miller - further disposition to be concluded. No budget allocation.

3D printing SiG There is an unofficial spot back in the server room where it is warm Copacetic server/ Down the road space may need to be reserved Officially move the printers at end of May addysubfab

3D printing SIG to reserve Scaffold 2 as an array of 3D printing items beginning May 30

announcement: 3D printing price for Replicator will be dropping $0.15, this may be renegged

Further organization of space to be discussed during quarterly meeting

Collaborative Animation project: Chad and Rita

The classroom will be used for meeting and organizing the project

Reservation of classroom area free of charge for 2 hrs on Mondays and Saturday for the month of April. These meetings related to a non-profit stop-motion project and gratis. Classroom will be vacated between meetings.

Final agenda items… Event Guidelines? Angie went and cleaned all the cubicles 7:30 to 8:30 - Meeting on Wednesday to officially last an hour

Budget report? related to insurance

The hackerspace had $100k of insurance, the owners are now insisting on $500k (½ million) This costs $2000 for the remainder of the year. The lease rides on this insurance We do not have $2000, and our policy renews in June. It might be slightly under this amount.

We must have insurance to hold the lease… so we need to pass the hat. Help! May 23-25 Protospiel will be running. Jon Leistiko will proactively contribute early. Battery Drive: We can recycle large quantities of batteries - Riley


SIGs, start your SIGs! SIGs do not require permission, but we would like to know about them. Delegation of resources to SIGS does require proposals, and those need approval per usual.

Martin volunteers to find a financial donation-gathering system Martin is thinking about moving the store to Shopify

CCChair - Clio has been approved CommComm Chair, and is replacing the MoP Clio will certainly need a team of people to work on this. PR/relations, brochures, event suggestions, contact points for presenting co-working and new membership information, etc. Please email Clio: pr@atxhs will get to her (mop@atxhs will go to her as well).

comment: We need to do a crap reduction drive. mumbles of agreement

Call for Android smart phones - To become Square PoS thingies for the space As part of the ways to buy the things in the space, Square is releasing a mini-kiosk thing If you have an old android phone that is not-broken We need Android devices ~7” big that Ice Cream sandwich better, Jelly Bean best

There is a quarterly meeting this month - the 26th. We will have a photographer on site Come in and do stuff and show off some stuff There is a pot-lunch cookout here at the space

Two maker faires in Austin - Saturday May 3rd!

The board list is now moderated. If you post you may not get an immediate response due to the board having to approve it. If you don’t see your message show up that is the reason.

Clio announce: We are going to be passing out our info at coffee shops and stuff. We will be advertising for people who work and hang out to get them into coworking here. Brochures for coworking at the space are out there. Please give pr@atxhs a heads-up on recommended venues to place postcard advertising--names of coffee shops freelancers who could be looking to move up to a co-working space, etc.

Reminder for coworking. Pre-paid $1860, contract $360/mo, month-month $310/mo

We have banners. Let’s go look at those.