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PROPOSALS Official Event Guidelines Chalk/White Boards in the Bathrooms Chalk/Whiteboard A meeting of people interested in organizing bathroom whiteboards The board will give a direction on this after the meeting tonight Results will be posted On the Google Doc (link needed)

Roll call We have 20 members present, quorum is 17 Announcements Yama is hospitalized with heart inflammation Now is a good time to show support and say hi - also, hospitals are boring

Pi day party and membership bounce 4 signups, one was fake 3 signups, two paid for 1 signup the day after, 1 tonight Total signups: 5

Membership numbers From the beginning of the month we had 1 new B share 14 members signs up, one of which is a yearly member 4 members lost, net gain 4

Discussion items Biiiig Blackfoot Router A new member has a Blackfoot V1 they would like to host This 4’ x 8’ router kit will take up a large footprint Danny: There are a lot of issues with

This is a big footprint and very noisy, it will also produce Motors, electronics, and framing - there is dust collection (vacuum must be added)

This would be an excellent provisional This needs to be brought to a membership vote - next time Step one is to build the table, and have some people look at the kit for buildout Three months provisional space usage for assembly and testing Mutually terminatable

Other router options Danny does have an option on a router table. Not prepared to present this just now.

Importantly: we do not have the money to isolate this (plywood and egg-cartons) This will need to be crowdfunded.

Other scaffold uses There was interest in Aquaponic experiments under the scaffold Water is heavy -

Proposed lingo:

Proposal for router (next meeting) Provisional permission for Matt Lawrence to use space necessary to assemble and test Blackfoot 4 x 8 router. This allocation to last 3 months, or until terminated by board vote.

Interest group Not enough action, please

Proposal 1hr meetings (next meeting) Chris It’s important to set expectations, and we almost always take an hour