Meeting Notes/20140304

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DISCUSSION ITEMS Interest Groups [Marshall V] DEFERRED ITEMS Membership drive and appeal, & community outreach (Tom Long) PROPOSALS Member Meeting reschedule to NOT open house night [Martin, Marshall]

Marshall: An active Lead (ATXHS member rep & organizer, reports monthly to Ops) A mailing list or forum (For discussion/contact) Meeting times (at least one a month) A wiki or landing page providing IG information (maintained by the lead)

Tim’s suggestion: Creating forums that will import LDAP user groups Forums would then be permissions from the central management

Reserving space:

Q: Who has the abil A: Right now, not sure, but we plan to reinstall on PHPbb

Sug: Would be nice to have all the groups

Meeting Day We want to make sure that collisions of event/welcoming

Sug: Jessica - Wednesday! a: Wed at 7PM: LuG

Sug: We could have time slots showing when someone is here to man the desk & tour Beating people if they don’t attend their slots, or if nobody is in a slot

q: The open house night is not something we voted on, is it? a: Actually it was a long and arduous process. We

There will never be a day that everyone will agree on Wednesday has been floated by several q: Should we do more than one day on the vote? a: Well, microcontroller monday collides. q: Is that well attended? a: ...err, no. Not really. It won’t really interfere.

Thursday seems pretty dead, especially because laser teaching night. Priority voting for these items go!

A quorum of peoples would like to see us vote on this