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AGENDA ITEMS Election process voting methods - Condorcet


Elections - voting methods

The three existing candidates came up with a method to settle vote splitting

It will to scale for meetings with greater than 3 members

There has been a line in the OA since the conversion to a coop A vote in any context, must be approved by >50% of the outstanding B shares

A single candidate is pass fail, and that’s OK Even with two candidates, you will get less than 100% turnout, so two candidates splitting the remainder

We are not contesting this 50 There was a term to permit pass/fail approval of a candidate EG: is this candidate acceptable for this roles yes/no? (pass fail)

The last election was run this way, and none of the candidates qualified. That stalled the election.

Part of this was because the election From a game theoretical standpoint, voting for those that aren’t your primary candidate is very like voting against your preferred candidate because it does not express your preference and endangers his position.

With two candidates, you have: A or B if A loses A, but not B B or A if B loses B, but not A None of the above.

Exploding the possibilities In the event of a three way split

Retreading the election The concern there is that voter fatigue could result in lower turnout, which is a problem

The priority/condorcet method covers all possibilities

Gardner - pairing method

The way the election 1) Each candidate is approved pass/fail 2) Second vote (with 0 - 3 candidates) is a runoff

The presentation of this was strange The Condorcet

The pairing method

1) Do you find X, Y, Z 2) Of the three candidates, who is your first pick?

Are there any digital condorcet systems to? We tried a voting system that supports ranked voting

That system

16 options isn’t simple, but it is straightforward. It can be explained quickly The concept is simple

Q: Can we change

Q: What’s so wrong with calling an election with less than 50% of the electorate A: This is still classic election splitting failure. It may be that popularity and votes were divided among the available candidates. Thus we need to have a runoff to confirm that the votes that are removed by a candidates elimination do not then weigh in against unexpected options. Normally you have to have a runoff, the three-way-split will otherwise rob someone of priority.

Q: How does presenting all available options (16) A: Well, there’s no reason to game the system, your vote only counts once. Since these options are conditional

Approval voting in Helios is not clone-proof

Proposed Ballot - exhaustive pairing A > B > C A > C > B A > B A > C A B > A > C B > C > A B > A B > C B C > A > B C > B > A C > A C > B

Proposed Ballot - 2 Condorcet winner is the candidate that is most preferred

Three virtual elections: A or B B or C B or C This is going to be a paged presentation system

Current Ballot is an approval method, it is not Condorcet complete, but it produces a clear/correct winner. One of the ‘weaknesses’ of this approval method is that you

Friendly amendment: For the election for Executive Director, we should extend this to 5 days

q: In the proposed ballot with 16 options, you can only select 1 option? a: correct

friendly amendment: Propose that we use priority voting simply as an additional voting option, and leave the decision to select a particular voting method to the elector and the agenda presenter

q: Is there a specific motion, based on these a: The motion is to use style B

A variety of amendments are on the table, let’s review leaving it open - is not acceptable. We need specific Extension of the ballot time is just fine

final wording: ATXHS will use an instant runoff system that exhaustively lists all priority selections for the next Executive Director election, polls to be extended to a 5 day ballot <sample ballot>

SXSW: We need people who have things to show shapeoko mill will be there with Inventables as a fun toy

Room Prep: We need to scrape and flatten the floor with a big ol razor