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DISCUSSION ITEMS Election process interest groups and deployment of this on the wiki budget crisis and outcomes DEFERRED ITEMS NONE PROPOSALS


Elections Election process - getting out the vote

Interviews tomorrow, posted by Sunday. Vote goes out next week upcoming Friday, runs for 48 hours (Sunday) Friday afternoon to Sunday evening Second round: here are your candidates, pick one.

B shareholders need to be triple-check the Members list - Tuesday

Interest Groups

Ham location - Do not have an area Mert for Electronics - Already have an area Mina for DiY bio - Already has an area Angie for auto bay - area already there Crafts Stephanie - Already have an area Rob - LUG on Wednesdays Lukas - Robot group contact

Hackshelf - delegated, not precisely an interest group

The contact for floorspace: Tim - for Wiki and procedural crap - verbal contact money board or membership

Calendar Care

Tim volunteers to clean this up. We need to update the calendar days - Robot group needs a presence, does auto night?

Microcontroller Monday: has been fairly dead of late - Danny or Mert (positive promotion) Software saturday: Paul and Dustin - 2pm - That’s solid Saturday night game: Dustin? - not sure Stitch & Bitch Sunday: traditional name for what they do - been consistent about it (Stephanie/Michelle) Auto Thursday:

Sign holder for the main door, the lobby whiteboard, and the classroom Not shitty signs will be important

New Member handling Welcome ‘new members’ - Evelyn has a boilerplate email for this. Asana fires an email off that can carry that message too

There have been quite a few questions about membership and voting It should be a second class or at least conversation Thank you for giving us money, but you need to be educated on this

We need to attach UIDs to each person in freshbooks We might be able to insert a UID into a safe data field (Martin takes a look to see if there is a safe option) (back and forth conversation) Paul suggests we move data externally and push data to freshbooks, much side discussion ensues

Can this be organized in local databases? LDAP? Tim says LDAP is already doing some things LDAP - we need a polite way to say “you must create a login for this to use anything”

Budget crunch and outcome We invoiced $7400, received $6500 - we are $9900 in expenses We have 137 members this month The $10 line item needs to be proposed If we get mostly $50 members, we need 210 members to break even, or 11 coworking at cheapest rate This is a gap, but we’re not really going bankrupt We lost people as a result of double billing, don’t do that again

Saving money - thermostats need to say around 65 Recurring expenses - We can’t stop internet, laser cutter, We might be able to meter the laser cutter X amount of hours per month, We don’t have enough to put together existing lasercutter, $6200 reduce Lasersaurs - $10k? - can’t vector and have lots of slop - still viable? We need a way to take people’s money at the very least Martin is all over this, and suggests we give swagg

The question of ‘how much longer before we can’t run’ If no further changes are made, we might survive to May, at which point we run out of everything. There isn’t enough growth in users

“Dicks” - Chris “Dicks, we were talking lasers” - Chris “Yes, you can quote me on that” - Chris

Further discussion of whether or not we can save rates, extend laser reservations

...sideways topic... We were bringing in $9800 during the $10 gap, if we can We need to volunteer the option of more money for more laser options

$10 increase for everyone, $20 for 3 hours on the laser Would access restriction help implement this? LDAP might. Metering the laser has been acceptable at other hackerspaces. We need someone to implement that plan, Tim doesn’t have Metering the replicator by time was really hard. It’s independent and not helpful

Yama and Alex are our two biggest laser users, so we should run these policies by them An essential part of add-on expenses or metering is a self-serving way of billing that All of these billing items should be hashed out on the board list

Bring the $10 hike to the membership, offer options

Two other small things, private time. Otherwise adjourned