Meeting Notes/20140204

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DISCUSSION ITEMS Coworking Committee report (Tim/Matt) Fundraising Interest Group (Gardner/Jessica) Banking fees (Yama) - report? Election committee report DEFERRED ITEMS NONE PROPOSALS Coworking Prices

21 of 52 members are present, we have quorum Banking Fees Yama doesn’t have anything BoA 2.1%, and 150/month service fees Horizon bank of Texas? Local suggestion to look into. All we want is a business account

Election group Yama doesn’t have anything

Saturday the 8th noon - at the hackerspace

Danny: beg and plead that we do not do the qualifiaction round

Dannyplan: Private plurality vote, elimination round (if a candidate achieves majority, it’s done) There is no reason to expose the results of this first round… if we did this may ‘bandwagon’ bias

Marshallplan: First (iterated) round, approve candidates pass/fail Second round, plurality vote

Fundraising interest group Need to reach out to members who have done crowdsourcing. Yes, please do.

Membership status Need to reach out to members Chad has trained ten new members, so there is

Coworking report Nothing to report, no signups, no new work. Awaiting