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Coworking Committee report (Tim/Matt)
Jessica: cube, desk, secure door (key or card), wired connection
Fundraising Interest Group (Gardner/Jessica)
Camera use to monitor high ticket tools (Jessica)
Banking fees (Yama)
Coworking Prices
Set new prices for co-working spaces. The prices listed do not include the Hackerspace membership dues, which are an additional requirement for co-work.
$350/mo - Month-to-month, no contract, no auto-pay.
$300/mo - Month-to-month with auto-pay OR 12 month contract without auto-pay
$250/mo - 12 month contract with auto-pay OR 12 months paid in full
$400/mo - Month-to-month, no contract.
$350/mo - 12 month contract and auto-pay
$250/mo - 6 or 12 months pre-paid contract (Grand Opening Special until March 31st)
The Board should set the prices


21 of 52 members are present, we have quorum

The coworking space

Tim, Martin, Matt, Danny all took a look.
We got a good consensus on how much things cost
The bare minimum average was ~$400

Matt’s proposal was a 3-stage option. $300 autopay. $50 reduction for 12 month contract, $50
On top of this, Membership is $50

Danny’s proposal: $400 month-month, autopay mandatory, $350 w/contract.
$250 grand-opening special w/ 6 or 12 month prepaid.

Both of these center around offering 6’ cubes for extended periods
There was conversation about traditional coworking with floating desk space, but this fell out of favor because it would be competing with the rest of the hackerspace which is open use. This was also a concern with secure 24/7 access - the complexity of extra people floating in and out

Q: What is your opinion on being able to operate without autopay?
A: Treasurer - that depends on how we handle billing. If you pay before the month begins, and get locked out if you don’t prepay, that makes it no big deal. There is an API for freshbooks to poll for invoices. Autopay is preferred.

q: If the 12 month contract is not paid in advance, do we need lawyers to ensure this is ironclad?
a: facilities, treasurer: Nonpayment would have to have a consequence, but legal stringency is less effective than.

comment: Capital Factory does first and last month, this means you must give just over 30 days notice. Keeping the last month as the punishment is an easy way to do it. Being able to pay cash or check is not really a draw, it seems like there are too many options.

a: coworking committee - If we want to just drop the non-autopay monthly that’s fine with me.
q: Have we been stiffed on any contractual payouts? Do we ever see them again?
a: relationships with a collection agency is bad blood, and doesn’t recoup losses. We have had one person who was willing to pay their arrears. Whether there was bad blood or not, there was no further contact in most cases, we have had people skip out but not large scale.

comment: strike the month-to-month, no contract, no auto-pay option. Contract w/ prepay or autopay

Suggestion: Contract in all cases, 12 month contract prepay for lowest price. autopay for everyone else.

Q from dean: Are there any major adjustments to the general suggestions, rather than the details.
q: Is that lowest tier economically sustainable?
a: We can always revisit pricing if it becomes really popular. Yes, it’s sustainable, but we can’t offer everything that the professional spaces. These are prices now, not now and forever. We seek to improve.

q: These are add-ons to hackerspace membership?
a: Yes, we do require you to be a member. For presentation to the public we may wish to bump the price and say “membership included” instead. In either case it will be invoiced together.

comment from board: Yes, externally in advertising we are going to include all prices in the bottom line. This marketing and presentation. This is more advertising/presentation.

Motion from the floor: Delegate coworking pricing decisions to the board. Send it out to Helios

Physical coworking preparation

q from facilities: Is this switch location in the corner of the lounge acceptable?
a from crowd: Eh, good enough. Could be better.
comment: The first/last month downpayments from coworking will be needed for cubes

q: how did we do on cleaning up the floor in the lounge?
a: We got some degree of work done.

q: How about the lounge, how close to done is that
a: In the last two or three weeks it has seen some good lounge use, EG 15 compy lan party.

announce from board: We are ready to go and distribute keys for the coworking area. See Matt or Tim about this (or the board) we’ll work out the details.


Jess: Fundraising? I think that was all Gardner
Gardner: This is the first time I heard of this
board: deferred!

Tool monitoring and operations

We lost a large amount of filament from the replicator. 3.8kg
There was also strange burglary in a vehicle, faceplate for stereo only.
We now own a security system with standardized cameras (night IR and storage system)
Should we use cameras to monitor this stuff?

Keys might help, but that doesn’t resolve the identification problem
suggestion: An RFID key box could keep track of who it was retrieving keys from that box

Tale of the replicator (more detail)
A camera might be overkill, and it might be a lot of work to look through things
The odometer was pretty high, but the hours used were really low
We were over 3.8 kilograms too light when checked

suggestion: Indiana Jones style weighted dias!
note: recording audio is illegal in texas

Motion: we install a camera system to monitor the parkinglot and replicator. Seconded. (Two items for this)

Banking fees

We can save $130 to $150 on a different banking transaction system.
comment: We are currently the lowest at

Tools and logistics

20 ton press

Talk to Matt or Danny, we can afford this together
offer: ...I have a 12 ton hyraulic press. Anyone?
all: nah, we want a big honkin' one. Thanks though


We got a tech to look at them. ‘Alice’ is 80% used and ready to go
We sell that one first, maybe pay for fixy others.

Dangerous substances

1Gal Muriatic Acid in plastic was placed in the hazards cabinet
Plastic is not a viable long-term storage option, the acid will eat it in a month or three
second: muriatic acid and bases should never be in a flammables cabinets
Muriatic acid outgasses and rust everything in range, this is unacceptable.

We should come up with a prohibited materials

TSA style signs should be distributed.
We need hazard signs.

Hack Shelf

The Hack shelf is now operational, which is to say that it’s just about empty.
We do have some receiving items
The row of green signs in front of the double isle in the main workshop is now HACKSHELF

Executive Director Election

Forgo the concept of candidate approval/certification vote.
Danny’s opinion is that we have three candidates to work from

The first test should have been separated by candidate:
Is X qualified y/n
Is Y qualified y/n

Next round: priority voting of some kind. Since it is not compatible with the majority requirement but we have three candidates we need both phases.
If this doesn’t work the first round, we can just do it again- pope style!

secretary: Helios is restrictive, we did it wrong before, but we can’t do priority voting
The things that we are suggesting should work, lets’ move on.

Q: how long will it take to get this going?
secretary: I will have this election up and ready to go later tonight
treasurer: I will have the questions set up. Transcripts must be done by hand.
two 48 hour rounds will be distributed. Questions will be in there


Does anyone have interest in SXSW demonstrator with Nibbler in a new place? This is happening in April

End of member meeting

Board Discussion post-meeting


Coworking payment, how can we logistically take that in?
First and last month could cover the liability.
Freshbooks does not allow anyone to autocancel their accounts, so we can’t just autopay.

Until we get things in place, we should just have protections in the initial agreement.

$400/month all-included - autopay mandated, is that how we do it?
$350/month 6+months - contract and/or prepay?

Without going with a collections agency, we are going to eat the difference in some cases.
We contract already: 1yr membership is prepaid contractual agreement, binding us.
We might be doing this the other way.

1yr or 6mo price: you prepay it
autopay option: you pay monthly, and resign
comment: a contract has no teeth, what’s the deal?

I would rather take the risk of ‘what if one person screws us over’ than turn aside business.
You can lose your membership over this, and the stuff you leave behind, is that acceptable?
$3600 prepaid
If we are already one month ahead, retaining that last month is a good way to do it.
We also need to lock out when they do not pay.
If we do ten days late payment lockout, this is safe
If they come to us and ask for a way out, they do get access for that last month
Under a normal contract you have something like an ETF. The balance due is the balance owed.
We might be able to offer a 50% buyout option

chad: I don’t want to scare people off the option because. I don’t want to see us go through the nth degree to get this formalized and ironclad with expensive lawyers while we wait for and or scare away everyone.

Votin'! five for, 1 against:
$350 month-month, autopay, one month prepaid
$300 6 month with contract automatic renewal, first and last month due
$250 6 month contract prepaid

classroom use: 4 or 8 hour blocks. One single 4 hour block per month gratis
The room is available for use at other times, reservable per usual

Other things!

Regular board meetings

TO BE ANNOUNCED: Next Meeting 6PM central standard time Friday Feb 7th

For next time, we need some kind of policy on member expulsion

ADT alarms continue to bork at interval. We need to install wired panel
They will support Z-wave equipment

The issue of being pissy at one another

Secretary requests:
1) Inquiry prior to accusation
2) Decorum and respect
3) No hard stops to progress; democracy without filibuster

Martin responsibilities to space:
Maximum transparency
Notification and engagement w/members wherever possible

Both agreeable to this. All in aggressive agreement.

Announcement questions

The announce list goes only to B shareholders? Unsure, maybe yes
Matt think that the best way to keep B members inform them separate listy
Matt would like to shift to using the board discussion to them as a first step.
Another good way to start this would be a B share list - that needs proposal
Perhaps forum: Mandatory for B shareholders, optional for patrons?

We didn’t patrons to be second class citizens, so we need to think about things deferred

Credit cards:
Are there banks that will issue a line of credit without signing on as a guarantor
No. For a business of our size you need someone as an ‘owner of the company’
You’re freeee to go out on that one and investigate.

Looking at other items from voting hoohah, all resolve-ed

Board go byebye