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Member Meeting Dec 17th


  • Buildout - Chris
  • Google Fiber - Chuck


  • None!

We haven’t heard back from Aircraft about repair of forward AC unit.

Buildout schedule: Tomorrow (Wed): Allkin will be here putting up studs and framing doors Thursday we will have Mtech here installing AC, don’t know about the lift on roof Through the beginning of next week Tim and crew will do Electrical work After this (max two weeks) walls will be up and paint-ready Lighting troughs do not have a timeline - we do have $50/four-light fixtures

       We need help with cleanup, please work yonder now!

HPI is considering flipping the rollup doors because the laser door sucks (and fixing isn’t cheap)

Application for Google Fiber: go (Chuck)

       Because we are not a not-for-profit (clearly a not-a-profit instead) we don’t qualify
       Also, we’re kinda off their map of prime targets

Coworking questions: Are we going to set up coworking immediately? yes, ASAP Do we have furniture for coworking? No. Cubes? We would like to get herman-miller cubes or cubes in general

       There are thirteen sellable spaces and one that will be designated hackerspace use.
       First and last month’s rent is due at signing, $150/month - secure coworkers only
       The try-and-strike system there will be installed after door is framed.

Classroom comments/discussion

       The classroom lightning and doors are designs to have a 
       Lawyers offer 2 hours work $500-600 of review and correction
       The current plan is $35/hour for teachers, depending on class size

There may be min and max sizes Current small classes are $30/class, class size of 5 This is the model we will be starting with, there is a fine line between satisfying students q: Why not a fraction of the total take? a: The original model was 50% of fees. We can’t pay for larger 20+ people classes. We can start this up again, it was discussed. Let’s take it to the list.

       q: Can we rent out the classroom as a conference room for small events?
       a: That’s a possibility, but we haven’t hammered out details. It is multi-use.
       q: Isn’t there a potential for conflict of use here?
       a: yes, but we’re scheduling this like the laser - on a calendar

PS: The swinging doors will be replaced with a pair of doors with a common column Lounge Development

       To be discussed on the list!
       Much monies must be raised to flesh out our kitchen
       Shelving will stay in there for now. We need schedule a moveout of that material… but yes, for now the lounge will act as storage and require no movement

Other announcements:

       Boats this weekend!
       Laser club meeting