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Member Meeting Dec 3rd


  • Executive Director Election
  * Matt Mancuso
  • OA Modifications
  * Chris McLaughlin
  * Operating Agreement Modifications - what passed, didn't, and should be resubmitted
  • Planning layouts for the new rooms
  * Chad Franke, Marshall Vaughan
  * Discussion here
  • Interest Groups
  * Marshall Vaughan
  * Proposal Draft: On the wiki
  * Discussion On the list
  • Make 'N Bake
  * Michelle Elbert & Mandie Kramer
  • Shown 'N Tell
  * Everyone, bring a project to show!


  • Proposals archived
  • Hosting USB Microscope
  * Martin Bogomolni

ROLL CALL not many of 57 voting members are in attendance

Would like to email each person that has decided to become a coop member - with MV - we should Both is better than none


Requirements of the B-shareholders 1. Attend meetings 2. Be aware of the items on the agenda 3. Vote Consequences of abstaining should also be noted Where your money goes must also be noted (your minimum buy-in) Much of this is actually encoded in the Coop code. EG when you leave B share funds must be returned in 90 days.

Financial Report Our membership went down by about a third in this month (~38 people left) Possibly the holiday season or the price increase is involved People thought this would be auto-paid last month. The $10 boost didn’t boost us, it just plugged what became a hole

Some people did sign up, but it was below 3:1 Flaming red friday in December for us!

It might be useful to talk to these people who have left Most people say “I haven’t been there for a long time. Can’t justify paying.” Perhaps we could get more info from this.

We are paying our CPA in 3x $400 payments Minimum payment to the credit card ($300/month, of $3000 owed) We are supposed to pay the city in a payment plan. It is predicted they will respond: NO. Most likely they will ask us to simply pay.

More costs... Our landlord let us know we are supposed to have $500k insurance, we ha Our monthly payment may go up $100 per month because of this.

Feedback on the report: Mert did a fine job on this reporting Clio: There were some items not on the report, some people are interested

Equity vs Investment was not clear, and Mert explained this, but most people did not understand. The short version is: one is a tax basis, the other is an ownership basis.

Giving this information directly from kashoo appears to be clearer. Every owner of the space is responsible for the financial health of the space… so everyone needs to be aware, and we need more people shouldering that burden.

There is a kitchen planning meeting tomorrow.

Coworking occupancy. What’s up with that? ...well, Tim is working on the wiring now. Let’s ask! Chad: Carpet we have, it isn’t down. They did slash prices rather heavily.

Tim: Three people verified. Four more are tentative. Timing on the move-in is still loose. Four are on ‘the old plan’ A 1 year contract at $150/month, 2-3 spaces is not so good. When we make the public announcement, these offers are no longer good.

We need: paint. carpet. furniture. We can’t just leave the furnishing to coworking peoples

There is a cubicle plan out there, but it hasn’t received interest There is a structure for cubes, possibly for a desk.

We definitely need to offer power, network, walls, chair If we sell them unfurnished people will put things in, and that sets bad precedent

...board members would generally like to have consistent look and feel Martin passes around example of slot-cut cubicle ~$175/cube for 6’ cube - ½ or ¾ ply (whichever is cheaper) That could box out the required stuff We need to offer: Cubes. Desks. Chairs. power strips

       Minwax might provide a good finish

Standard cubicle tops at Tops could provide about the same.

       Commercial cubes are about $300 - a little better dampening.

Donn Hydes’ sprayer was used in coworking. It is fast, questions about contacting donn note: Please do not run the AC fans when Anyone who would like to help on painting, contact

Making the lounge