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  • Executive Director Election
  * Matt Mancuso
  • OA Modifications
  * Chris McLaughlin
  * Operating Agreement Modifications - what passed, didn't, and should be resubmitted
  • Planning layouts for the new rooms
  * Chad Franke, Marshall Vaughan
  * Discussion here
  • Interest Groups
  * Marshall Vaughan
  * Proposal Draft: On the wiki
  * Discussion On the list
  • Make 'N Bake
  * Michelle Elbert & Mandie Kramer
  • Shown 'N Tell
  * Everyone, bring a project to show!


  • Proposals archived
  • Hosting USB Microscope
  * Martin Bogomolni

ROLL CALL 15 of 57 voting members are in attendance no quorum (19 is the threshold)

Majority vote like all the other B-sare

Martin commentary: Amendment #5 regarding the amendment

Strike ”A Majority of the Directors shall appoint one (1) Director to preside as Executive Director of the Board of Directors at regular meetings of the Directors.” (3.4 – pg 3) Add that the Executive Director is one of the elected positions, which is in #4 above. (3.4 – pg 3) Intent - Makes the Executive Director a Board position elected by the Class B Members Suggestion: amend this to ‘When present the Executive Director will act as chairman of the meeting or delegate this task, in his absence the board appoint by majority a chair for that meeting’ Are we appointing someone at the meeting who chairs the meeting?

Executive Director Election:

Each candidate should have had a yes/no segment As a single item it was confusing

The clarity of each segment could use some improvement, this is why links are sent out Another reason to link-out to a description is that as soon as we send out the ballot it cannot be changed. That is both good and bad.

Drumming up interest is a big part of getting this election complete. We’ll be fighting

For simplicity’ sake we could go through questions and post a video. 1) list of questions for candidates. Do new videos for individuals as with Matt’s earlier round This is the last chance for candidates to throw their hat in the ring.

Chris will call for more member questions, Martin will call Let’s close the call for this round of candidates closes at Thanksgiving (on the 26th) For video-taping, we can give a week thereafter by the meeting on the 3rd

We’ll go ahead and re-use those.

New Expansion buildout: Classroom.. Chad planned for ~$2400 of donations, about $1400 collected This $900 shortfall will affect carpets and paint If we spend $750 we can get more carpet than we need due to the discount Chad has a list of the donors, and some moneys can be shifted. Chairs are a part of flexible spending, but there are people who were promised names on chairs.

lounge.. The finishing of the lounge with stain, Martin can get some free - worst case we can cover it

General funding questions: Is there anything we can sell? Yes, we are getting some hits on the air handlers (no heater coils) The carvewright has good market value, but the spindle was taken apart. Even broken $200+ There may be a few informal board votes, we should do that Several new members have been interested in it, so what are we doing with it? Well, the flex coupling was pulled out. The quick-release chuck has been banged about The traction belt has been dinged. This is the model A, which is notorious for problems.

Throw the sale of this Carvewright into a Helios vote. This is still out of the question for Saturday. That would cover carpeting for classroom, coworking, and the portion that is near the classrooms. Also extra for replacements. A bulk purchase would for +537 sqft. The 1955 Stanley router might net something. Poster Printers belong to Yama - and there is plan to sell some to make others work. For adhesive and putting down that carpet all together If we don’t have enough money by Friday, just

Has anyone asked if Tops will do a payment plan? 2 payments? No… we haven’t, but that would be great. We should ask. Go down tomorrow for the bulk order, we’ll get the other few hundred in two weeks.

Braker/kramer north location - Chad will make the deal, pickup may come later. Matt or Angie might be able to help


Interest Groups: For purposes of the wiki Made clear that it is not required for delegation of space, or anything else Delegation of any resources requires the usual process

Make ‘n Bake There was a planning meeting, which was recorded. The gist was posted on the members list

Dec 15th (Sun) 12pm-6pm Volunteers are being recruited There is a workflowy organization thingie Mandie needs to access Michelle’s notes… email: (forwarded to the group address)

Board vote: Review notes from the board meeting for any additional agenda items Add sale of carvewright provide the pricing schedule (from an email) for coworking