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PUP Survery - Marshall Vaughan
Electrical Budget
Proposed by: Tim Fredlund and Chris McLaughlin
Purpose: To do electrical work on the build-out and the auto-bay end of the main workshop. It includes running conduits, adding multiple 4-outlet boxes,
several light switches, ethernet ports in the co-work and class room, a few 220 outlets and a subpanel by ReVolt.
Budget: $2200
Budget based on estimates in spreadsheet here [1].
Notations of planned outlet/switch/port additions are here [2].
Hackerspace Member Chores
Proposed by: Martin Bogomolni
Purpose: To create a chore list and rotation with member sign ups.
2 New Board Positions
Proposed by: Chris McLaughlin
Purpose: Create 2 new Board Positions: Director of Public Relations and Director of Tools (or some such name).
Executive Director remains as a separate and distinct, member elected Board position
1 Year Membership Rate with TechShop Discount
Proposed by: Chad Franke
Purpose: Create a 1 year membership option that gives an additional discount if the member also has a 1 year TechShop membership. The ATXHS
membership rate would effectively be $45/month on this plan.

Electrical Budget

$2200 is a ‘worst case’ budget for the electrical work below:
4 outlet boxes in each of the coworking locations
~8 in the lounge, 208 for a stove in that lounge, 4 new outlets in the auto bay, 2-4 in woodoworking
Finish out the sub-panel for revolt, one of which will be specific for battery charging
Standard twist-lock and welder right by the auto-bay
Also run some ethernet cable to the coworking and classroom
Labor is gratis via Tim and co, prices based off of Home Depot with 20% over
All of this must be set up prior to completion of buildout. Wiring in the walls prior to
Danny has some questions about the load on circuits. Is cable heavy enough? Details discuss later
We are working within constraints of code. discuss later

Electrical monitoring doodads

Is it possible to meter these loads as well? Commercial or DiY?
Commercial options are ~$200-300 - this will provide details
For Revolt and Arc Attack, we should be able to add these items in ($10 for cheap DiY boxes)
All of this is contingent on buildout: when? Soon!
THIS goes for a vote
(for voting, there will be a detailed item sent out)

Chores! Policy change

A chore list should be available (David Mitchel’s idea: a big whiteboard)
Chores should be a requirement of being a member, and we will keep track
Part of being a memeber
Chores will also be described and posted

Q: How do we punish or say what’s fair for someone to do?
A: We aren’t talking about daily chores, just one chore once.
Q: Can we do this on an experimental basis first?
A: Possibly. One chore per year is not too onerous, with 200 people
Q: Can we add this to orientation?
A: . . . .
Q: Why don’t we just start with tags on a board, and making a list?
Comment: If we require anything of our members other than to pay, we are doing something wrong.
Q: Why don’t we try just putting the list up?
Q: Could we simply reward people for doing chores?
A: I (Martin) will put the list up there and we’ll see how. We’ll do a trial of volunteerism. No policy change

Two new board positions

Director of Tools, Director of PR
This way we keep the Executive as an elected
The ED is officially only the person who organizes the meeting
We have had a tool committee, promoting this directorship
The director of PR would be a promotion of Ministry of Propaganda
Some people said that making an even number of positions would deadlock, but majority of 8 is 5
People who are doing PR commonly have to act on the authority of the board
Speaking on behalf of the board while in a PR position that is NOT a board position is weird.
The tool committee was given a budget and told to go out and use it. Why not make a director for it?
The people who are supposed to be on a tool committee would start working for a director instead of a chair of that committee.
That committee was simply empowered to purchase, but they had no purview for maintaining
dissenting view: Matt and Danny have been the only people doing the tool committee
The selection of tools is a task, that is not a place of leadership. Sweeping floors is also a task
It doesn’t make sense to have this task
Rebuttal: To a degree it’s important to have that significant aspect of the space represented on the board.
Dissent rebuttal: In any organization there is a division of labor. Directors and managers have tasks to do.
People under them may take care of specific tasks. Facilities is in charge of the facility.
That is an already-allocated position. Someone taking care of tools is a sub-task
Keeping things up to code, on time, and tooled up is within-scope
For the accounting position some of these tasks were delegated, that’s what needs to happen.
Rebuttal: Already have many jobs. IT infrastructure, buildout…
Dissent rebuttal: All of these are tasks under the perview of a director, and that needs to work.
How much can you spool off of your job before the Facilities director just doesn’t have anything?
Martin:… on the other hand I do support Public Relations. I like it and wholeheartedly support that idea.

On Public Relations

We need to consider this position independent of the Tool Director
This is taking a committee position and elevating it
4 of 8 is not a majority, 5 of 8 is, so this doesn't break the board
Proposal: PR of marketing might be a better department head
Referendum on this is requested
Friendly amendment: let’s split off the director of marketing. We should split all three of them off
Executive Director as a permanent position, operating agreement states that the ED is selected by the board of directors.
What we would like to do is codify the position of Executive Director. That’s a separate position.
Technically the board could have just added a position and call it done, per the Operating Agreement

Clarifications on board positions


We are voting by referendum on all three positions, each individually?
Q: Who is going to codify these for the referendum?
A: They have already been stated, see the relevant info
Marshall: Existing descriptions? Alllright if that’s what you want.
Again, OA doesn’t ask this, board can do this from time to time.
Matt: Show of hands: 7 for 9 against a referendum on these directorships
Deferred - as before

1 year membership

If we create a $45/month equivalent

Could you take an advantage of both, or would it require *one* to get the other.
First year: you probably won’t get both discounts, because you need 1yr
Martin: I don’t think TechShop will retroactively honor this
Technically we need to have two yearly options

The codified options are:
a 1yr contract with a $50/month fee, and $45/month fee w/ techshop
Techshop’s options is:
“If you have a yearly membership with the hackerspace, we give a yearly discounted membership”
ATX Hackerpspaces option is:
“If you have a yearly membership with techshop, we will give you the yearly discounted rate.”
This is $600 up front, locking in membership
How TechShop deals with their discounting is up to them, of course. All told this is $1800

There was then an argument over whether this was nice or not.
Unanimous approval for putting this out for referendum

Budget Report

This month:
$9526 expenses/$8200 of income
We are at the ragged edge. Would $5/month extra on our bottom line
Q: Are we still growing?
A: About 5-10 members are added each month
Vitorio: A $10/month increase, $5 per month discount for doing chores?
Michelle: I suggest we set a temporary rate increase until we resolve our budget problems.
Chris: These sound like good suggestions, bring them up for next time.