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BiMonthly Membership Meeting - Tue, 8/20, 7:30 - 8:00 pm

Location: 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin TX 78754

Attendance: 18 voting members of 55



  • DiY Bio work area
  • Printer Group


  • Water Pipe Work
    • Do the work ourselves without HPI approval
      • ~ $20 in cost
      • Quicker
      • Possible problems with HPI
    • Do the work with a professional plumber
      • ~ $120 in cost
      • Could take longer
      • HPI approved
  • EA Gay Pride Float
    • Allow a float for the Gay Pride Parade to be built in the Space
      • Involves outside members (Needs better idea of numbers)
      • Autobay would be occupied from Friday (8/6) until 7pm Saturday (8/7)
  • Purchase of Remanufactured Laser Tube
    • Replace the current laser tube with a remanufactured one
    • ~ $1330
      • To be put on credit card
      • Monthly payments of $335 for to repay it
  • Pirate Ship Rocking Chair
    • Amy's Pirate ship project
      • Storage until Sept. 30th, 2013
      • Needs exact dimensions of storage area specified (TBD @ Meeting)
  • The Robot Group
    • Meeting at the Space once a month
      • Includes members and non-members


Meeting begins is 30 minutes beginning at 7:45, with 10 minute extension

Roll call

In attendance: Martin Bogomolni, Paul Bonser, Angie Bonser-Lain, Derek Bridges, Aaron Choate, Cara Fealy-Choate, Chad Franke, Tim Fredlund, Hans Loeblich, Matt Mancuso, Vitorio Miliano, Danny Miller, Robert Ristroph, Joe Saunders, Michael Smith, Marshall Vaughan, John Wiggins, and Gardner Williams

The roll call shows that we *do* have quorum at: 18/54 members

Other notes (from role-call)
remove mandie kramer
any additions? None voiced


DIY Bio area under scaffolding

The tent in the DIY area is now just two benches in the back of the scaffold 3A
(lower unit near bathrooms)
Friendly addendum: purchase of an inexpensive reagent cabinet (chem cabinet)
Small fridge and small incubator would help with that too
We do have a downdraft ventilation hood, we would like a chemical hood but don’t have it.
The printers can stay where they are.
Q: Is this space/equipment available for regular use?
A: Yes, after the basic safety intro, no cost.
A: There will be no infectious organisms. Our Autoclave will be a pressure cooker
We should have cloning and plasma work capability.

Call to vote: Membership approves trial of three months for two benches.
Vote: 16 for 0 against, Angie + 1 abstain

Poster Printer discussion

(Rapid discussion ensues about who will take care of them.)
Yama offers to write up hosting agreement before a formal proposal, but asks they be stored here for now
General approval for this, and Secretary agrees set out hosting agreement paperwork


Water Pipe Work

Where the water comes in above the split scaffold, we have a low hanging pipe
This impedes use of upper scaffold, and is also a weird thing to hang the roof of our bathrooms from
Mert is willing/able to do the work to clear this from scaffold
Do we take the risk and do this ourselves?
Concerns: The water shutoff is at the end of the building, our machine shop neighbors need this.
Costs: This will take $20 worth of parts, $100 for labor
Alt Cost: Time to call a licensed plumber 1-2 hours work at $85/hour
Treasurer check, Martin: We have the money and it is proper to have a professional do this. This is C1 material
Rob: generally in favor of cost savings, but if we can do it right; let’s do it.

For policy reasons board agrees, and approves <$500 expense

Gay Pride Float

Who proposed? Any advocate for this present… (no, but simple question)
Outline (Joe): This build should be less than 48 hours of time, and occupy the auto bay. Outside group will need some tools
Discussion: In principle we are for this sort of thing, but we need to know how many members are present
Yama: We need to have members to host this and to provide oversight
Clarification (Martin) Our policy is generally to offer only muscle-powered tools to our guests. Members can use power.
Our insurance policy may not technically cover them. Certainly waivers are required.
Tim can provide the safety briefing. Members can use power tools, non-members cannot
Work can certainly be done with hand tools, also portable power tools probably OK (drills are OK) Clarification (Martin): Technically the important things are the large tools that can hurt you. Secretary requests these permission levels be documented on the wiki

Call to Vote:
Membership allow a float for the Gay Pride Parade to be built in the Space
Providing outside group supervised/hosted use of space
Autobay would be occupied from Friday (/6) until 7pm Saturday (9/7)
Contingent on use of stationary power tools by members only and safety briefing prior to use (Facilities)
All in favor: 16 for against 0, abstain 2 - this passes

Insulation and Brushes for the Bay Door

Sponsor: Danny Miller We have a severe heat absorption problem with the rolling doors
$2800-3500 It would be nice to do sectiontional, but we kinda can’t
Danny would like to get reflective bubble foil - and brushes at the base thereof
Nobody has ever retrofitted a spooling door of this type, alas
For the test door: $200 budget for putting in the strip brush and bubble stuff across a door
Support from budget (Martin): Same as plumbing, we can do this as part of C1, it will save on air conditioning, just on W door
No further objections/questions
Vote: $200 approved for purchase of reflective bubble foil and brushes for the western (306) roll-up
In Favor 18, none abstaining. this passes

Further discussion of insulation ensues
HPI has specified no obstructions to the transparency of windows
This shoots down potential proposal for foil insulation of window

Purchase of Remanufactured Laser Tube

Sponsor statement (Martin) Our laser tube is dying, it is dropping near 50% of designed power
The techies tell me this drop-off will continue precipitously, until it is near-useless
New laser tube costs $1250, including shipping
This will be pro-shipped in and hold the existing tube
The delay right now will be about a week, this will be taken from the bottom line (general fund)

Alternative proposed (Danny):simply buy a Trotec laser (since we don’t own this one) It’s $10k counterpoint: The new laser tube should last about five years
Danny: spending this money on a laser we don’t own is problematic Support (several): this is a known quantity and a valuable high-paying item, buy it now! friendly amendment: We could fund this with a $1/hour laser rate if needed support for this is . . . lacking. No second. Amendment fails Call to Vote:
The hackerspace approves immediate purchase of a replacement laser tube
Expense ~$1250, to be installed ASAP
For - 18, 0 against

Pirate Ship Rocking Chair

Amy is building a playa-tech chair that will flat pack and then move on This is made of two 4x8 ships of ply, it’s a big rocking chair w/hammock seat These ply pieces will stay here at the space The project should last ideally until end of september. It will infrequently be fully assembled Mostly it will be one ply taken down, then put away. It shouldn’t be over 4’ 2’ footprint Call to voteVote: Allowance of a 4’ x 2’ storage area on a cart until the end of October 1st
for - 17, 0 against, 1 abstain

The Robot Group - meetings in the hackerspace

The Robot Group would like to try holding meetings here
Clarifications and objections...
Q:Who is the host? A:Yama King, Luke Keyes, Derek Bridges as sponsors
..This links into the tools that can be used by nonmembers
Q: Soldering irons, drills, are these OK for non-members?
A: Sure. Also OK to bring hand tools
From time to time Luke, Derek, and Yama will handle the big tools
Support: This looks like a very obvious meeting of the groups Q: What day will this be?
A: Probably Thursdays, most likely once a month
General approval for one Thursday a month
Q: Is this a public meeting?
A: Absolutely, this is open to all guests and strangers
Call to Vote: Membership approves sponsors to host The Robot Group meetings one Thursday per month, open to all
to be hosted by: Derek, Luke, Yama, MattM and other dual-members
Vote 18 for, 0 against, 0 abstaining

End of official business


Announce: IGDA Captivate event

What is this? lots of film/animation/game designs
Things you software guys might already do, but in a creative/open market
You can come to Captivate and learn a little bit about a lot!

Employment Opportunities

Paul Bonser: Web developers and electronics people I am connecting people with employment
See me if you have a resume and skills in those categories

Form 1 Show & Tell

Ok, meeting over, here are some things