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Special board meeting called to address Contracts, Budget


Chad Franke
Chris McLaughlin
Marshall Vaughan
Martin Bogomolni
Tim Fredlund

Absent Board: Matthew Mancuso (excused from the meeting - approved), Executive Director

Taxes & Inventory:

Despite the incomplete inventory, the state claims that we have ~$114k in stuff
Taxable at about $3500 inventory

To make this official, we need to chase down and sign off the tool agreements Secretary: get to work!

Corporate Agreement

There is a 5% discount for group invoice, autopay. Chris: modification - Renewal of the contract in one year - approved There is a provision for changing the individual member at the beginning of the month. Corp Agreement template: Passes 5 for / 0 against / 0 abstain


We need to have documentation on things in general

Verbal agreements that must be contractual... Willie’s usage of storage: Will have until the 10th to move items or pay for storage.

This will be taped off and labeled

Arc Attack has used a small amount of storage ongoing (a double-stack)

-As a goodwill offering ($20 of their contract) we can cover this
Free shelf approved for 1 year 5 for / 0 against / 0 abstain

Syil Mill: Not in contract (Tim can check on that one) Danny: Planar, drill press Vending Machine needs to be under contract Small white fridge: Marshall Peck Metal shelving: need a receipt for the transfer of material Hackshelf items not inventoried, labeled as scrap material

Marshall Peck - resignation tidyup

Physical key needs to be returned. Google Apps locked and forwarded
ADT security - taken care of

Class Curriculum Legal Doc:

"Techshop Style"

‘you must own the instruction material’ was impressed on Martin during Geekhaus
This does not remove the license to material, it permits work-to-hire
If the course was developed beforehand, the contract gives license to use (see pg 3)
Course material for the purpose of this contract stamps as work-under-contract
If course material is part of the ‘work product’ produced under contract
In the process of creating material, the contract suggests there is no compensation.
Martin: This curriculum system is similar to the TechShop model
Evelyn specifically needs: rights to the intellectual property, and control over distribution
This is intended to be a single standard, but it appears antagonistic to IP

Evelyn’s case:

She is willing to let the Hackerspace use the material if she is paid 50/50 split

If only the license for use is retained by the space

Martin’s testimony: Replicator course was ~2-3 hours on the basic safety and such

Evelyn volunteered to make the slides to flesh this out
Instructors are independent contractors, but we don’t pay for content creation.
EG: TI launchpad course is license to use not to own
Co-authorship allows the hackerspace to make derivative work

Class Curriculum (continuing)

Pulling information is not derivative work, modifying it categorizes it as derivative work
Educational institutions usually pay separately for IP (they buy course material)
The hackerspace is not paying for the IP, it is not itemized.
We need to scope the task in order to agree to the assumption of cost
Potentially we could license course material as CC share-alike, non-commercial
We should not be paying for the intellectual property, but perhaps not together
…we should talk to EWR legal. We intend to license but not OWN.
We may want to ask for license to derivative work. If we aren’t co-authors this is needed.
Otherwise it’s as described on page 3

Evelyn’s case (continuing)

Insurance burden: The professional liability coverage should be opt-out
If we don’t require this, the Hackerspace may be liable; won’t have its own coverage
There is no reliable way to enforce a liability waiver in professional theater.
This ‘risk is in your hands’ as part of our contract won’t really protect us

Class Curriculum (general, etc)=

When we contract instructors to teach classes we are liable no questions asked If the Hackerspace does not have insurance it assumes all risk One on one instruction might protect us to a degree

Chad: this is potentially high-risk. We
Marshall: Can we simply disclaim with “for educational purposes only”
Martin: Nope, but I can check on waivers, licensing w/ derivatives, insurance
Up to an hour’s investigation with EWR
In favor 4, Against 0, Abstain 1 (MV)

Instructor Pay=

Learning Resource Management (Mert’s idea) may help with scheduling ~$1800 earned at $15 a head for laser instruction (all-kept)

average course: 5 students. Average length 2 hours
Lasercutter SBU or ACC ceramics class (8hrs, $280 - instructor $22/hr $176)
Standard rate: $30/class/student, (2 hrs. ~$150 total)
If gross is under $100, contractor paid 50/50 split
If gross is over $100, contractor paid $35/hr

Price per student is set by Chad Tim: suggests we have a referendum on this Consensus: contract agreement is board responsibility, but this should be approved Hourly rate to be taken to the membership for approval

Contract is under negotiation, will need legal analysis

For the future:

Complete teacher contract negotiation
Phone line for 911 - AT&T $35/month residential. Corporate?
Danny would like to take care of AC filter
Scaffold plans:

1A - Revolt 1B Revolt office 2A - Machining 2B Arts & Crafts 3A - 3D print/Design 3B Light Storage? Arts/Crafts or electronics? 4A, 5A - Lounge, library, Tardis 4B - Classroom? - open 5B Classroom? Game room? - open Request we do hardwood floor (bamboo) or Vinyl Composite Tile