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No agenda.
This meetings will be ad-hoc

Fine: We paid $200 as a fine to the police - false alarm
$50 and $75 for the next false alarms

27th of next month
Arc Attack concert (fingers crossed)
Meeting on the 19th (Wed) 7:30 PM to plan and gather input
Looking for ideas during this event

Every month we need more members or we won’t make goals
As of today-ish 143 of us, we can meet expenses.

Not all members paid. Some were naughty.

$7794 billed, $7492 paid .. we have quite a few naughty people in June.
The HackBat's Naughty List for JUNE
There is $792.93 in overall outstanding money due to the hackerspace
The members who have had their memberships terminated, and are in Bad Standing for unpaid dues are:
Aaron Reed, Cecelia Corral, Elom Tsogbe, Jared Tennant, John Berlakovich, Michael Kiamanesh, Benjamin Lukens, Shanta Stevens, Joseph Patterson, Stephen Moore

If you see them, please tell them they’ve been naughty
$332 owed today

134 main members, 9 friends and family
~10 members gained per month
This more or less puts us in the black, except...
Our energy bill has gone from ~$400 - $700 (this would have been $900)
Time Warner is $492
~$6300/month, we billed ~$7700, took in $7200
We need to pay back the C1 fund that was tapped, so we aren’t quite positive yet.

240 shares are still outstanding in the C1 fund
We borrowed ~$3600 of the C1 fund, we have $0 buffer

September 1st expenses will increase by $2000/month ~74

Tool Committee:
We were in desperate need of batteries, we got a father’s day special
We still have the saw stop fund, but don’t have budgeted out tool line item
Danny pleads on behalf of the tool committee for an established budget
Martin reiterates that we can only pull from the general fund for now

3D printer Structured Polymers
Lars & Alex
Powder-based laser sintering machine
The company is raising money now to
2 voting members will join in
They are not marketing, they are documenting and publishing - open source - the work
The company would like to have a palette sized or coworking space
4’x4’x4’ palette $50 month, or scale up.

Structural Discussion
Craft area!
We are considering some improvements to scaffolding..
extra wood for safe load-bearing, carpet to prevent lost tacks
Helios vote: expenses for this craft area for approval

Show of hands in support of vote ~24/24, no objections
This to be sent out for a vote
$130 to reinforce the floors (already approved/budgeted)
Fabric crafts area
2 standard sewing machines, possibly a surger if it can be repaired

Small Business Loan
This was discussed last meeting, but all the banks viable will require an owner to sign off
Martin is rather tapped, that won’t be happening.

Freshbooks API
For pulling data into Google Docs
First Name, Last Name, email address, payment status, voting status