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  • Doctor Deckar and company

Students interested in collaborating w/ us on: !building an open source powder printer!

Proposal is 4 months of free/gratis coworking, 6' x 6' space If that breaks the bank they have bigger problems, but worth encouraging.

2 people are going to join and support this Robert believes the project will run longer than this period

This is a good opportunity for us to work with UTexas If the work is done at UT, it is owned thereby Yay for street cred.

We might want to hear him speak or teach here.

Danny: We're broke, we can't afford to simply give the space away There are many projects that are worthy of this Early on we can just offer them shelving, dirt cheap

Yama: If we were running short on space

Robert: They may need some reserved work area

Tim suggests: Start with $10 storage w/ 4 banker's boxes, no gratis

Matthew Pitts: Please have them make the case. I like the project but not compelled.

Board is always open to discuss this. Robert: They would like to build a nylon powder printer (maybe metal parts)

Tim: Let's start this off as storage and they can always Marshall: Also, if they do standard coworking they can start that at any time


$65,000 total

5k for all the walls 4k for painting (somewhat) $14k for the insulation $28k AC

Discussion on Friday Presented to the membership after that. About a month of buildout.

  • Mix banning

This is official, he is banned If you want to vouch for him contact board Or contact Matt directly

  • Messes and projects

There is a lost and found for electronics The laser area has this too

Where's the bailing wire Wrenches cart

The big black and grey desk not reimbursed for that $100 - already agreed to be paid Martin needs to cut a check, yes?

  • Storage for the laser area

There are no active plans for improving the laser storage

  • Time for new member introductions

Is good idea!

Prashan Kurana Programming management, non-profit support Worked at Dell, national instruments, etc

Wanted to hang around with some cool/nerdy people

Yama - loves the lasercutter Member of the Robot group Current project, multi-carriage travel for Dremel (Z first)

Mo Pitman - done a lot of set construction (DMX), lighting, news Taught linux admin, autocad Like to hang around places smart people mingle

Stephen (from Houston) - might join on the family plan (ReVolt) Just graduated from high school, might be back

  • Introduction of board members

  • announcements

Maker faire round rock this weekend Replicator class this week TI launchpad class this Saturday (competitor to Arduino) Components are gratis - Guy is out here from TI