Meeting Notes/20130521

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Weekly Membership Meeting - Tue, 5/21, 7:30 - 8:00 pm
Attendance: 14 patrons

Location: 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin TX 78754


  • Progress of the build out ( Tim or Chris )

HPI walkthrough earlier this week pending results

  • Summary of May budget ( Martin )

Pending Martin’s info


  • There are no current deferred items


Question - Is the value of the item amortized over the hosting agreement?
Initial thought is no (Marshall V.) but need to followup.
Approved to go out for a membership vote

  • Evelyn would like to propose painting the space. White walls, then murals/artistic expression. [ATXHS-Members Forum Post]

The last space the mural became permanent and that space became unusable. How would we handle this?
To be sent out as a poll for interest from members and further discussion of the details and feasibility.
Items to consider: safety, primer layer to be painted in prep?
canvas paintings or directly on the wall?

Question: is this not like hosting the laser, where the space could take care of damage/materials?
Answer: generally there is greater personal responsibility for the operator. Prefer costs on people who (mis)use it Moved to a vote