Meeting Notes/20130507

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Agenda (informal)

  • Executive Director: Position is open! - Ask Marshall Peck about the job, submit your resume to Matt Mancuso (Director of HR)
  • Arc Attack: offering a Mercury Mountaineer 1997 (w/ tow hitch) blown differential
  • Storage items: consolidate member storage to wood shelves just inside door
  • Watercooler for the space
  • fabric night alternating fridays! Hosts Hannah & Michelle

    Executive Director
    Two week open nomination period
    Third Tuesday of next month we announce candidates and begin. The dance.

    Arc Attack offering a Mercury Mountaineer with bad
    We need to look into title and insurance for said vehicle
    Currently it can be driven for short distances before smoking hell emissions
    Diff should not be expensive at a junkyard - have been towing with it prior
    Presently offsite, may be parked at the space

    Storage Items: member storage shelves
    Member storage boxes - people like to have tools near the tools they use.
    If this storage is to be dedicated we need to know where to put it
    By the bathrooms perhaps?

    Watercooler at the space!
    We have a filter that is not hooked up (carbon filter, no reverse osmosis)
    Paying for bottled water is silly. Let’s hook this up.
    Should be available for <$200 - Aaron offers the small cooler in his garage
    General permission to host it temporarily

    Fabric Friday - The 24th this month, near the end of May
    Sewing, knitting, embroidery sewing machine, serger
    Possibly the basics of “how to use a damned sewing machine”
    You can haz pillow

    Paper towel shortage: please stock! - under the sink you may find more