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Facilities Report (Martin)

We are burning investment money False alarm - $200 for the mistake, $50 to license the alarm system Saw Stop - needs to be bought - Matt will jump on this

Monthly operating loss: $1500 (an improvement) Losses for this year: Jan 3,300 - Feb 2526 - Mar 2270 - Apr 1276

Member losses (5) were: moved away, haven’t used the space

Facilities report (Chris standing in for Tim)

Floorplans: Tim has contacted HPI about getting a bid put in, but haven’t heard back

Tool Budget: SawStop ReVolt project may bring in some shared tools

Infrastructure report: power and ethernet has been run up front We do need to improve lighting, networking Danny will be working on lighting plan, and supports required to reach them Discussion: casters for existing scaffold vs small rolling scaffold ($200) Agenda item for next meeting: Lighting plan, ladder plan

Outstanding & signed Contracts: ReVolt is signed and squared away. We do need to add stairs Scaffolding has been anchored for their car bay 10’ x 15’ ArcAttack has a hosted tool agreement, talking about promotions Joe (AA) is considering a tesla coil ‘jukebox’ - also considering quarterly events and themed promotional events

Establishing contracts: Board will negotiate contracts to box it out until specifics are boxed out. Exact details will then be presented to the hackerspace membership Members get the ultimate approval

� Education Report (Chad)

Classes College of Lockpicking - 25 students Recurring TI Solaris class (6 students) has met several times Zimmer began a lecture series on scientific revolutions (low attendance) Replicator class will begin this Thursday (first come first serve)

In the works Mert’s bartending class is in development

Hackerspace Report

Party 2 months ago: 1 member gained (others dropped off), lost $200 SXSW C1 meeting: some potential investors, no show Arc Attack show: 5 members off the bat, some increase in signup (thanks Joe)

Member Issues Talk to any board person about interpersonal issues Bring this to Matt in HR privately There was a problem with a board member ‘unilaterally banning’ a member

We need a thought map for ‘who to contact’ or ‘how to start’ (notify Chad)

Announcements “learn to Solder Workshop” Austin Children’s Museum A week from tomorrow is Mini Maker Faire Austin

Decision Items: NONE: There were no items proposed by the members