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Proposal Brief: Vote on a floor plan to take to HPI for their approval and bidding out to contractors.

Floorplans are all posted in the atrium area You will see about 14 or 15 plans

Ceiling tiles are an estimated value (significant)

Talk to Chris after the meeting if you have a last-minute plan. Vote for up to five if you like We will take the top 6, run em off The highest as well as >50% will be taken to HPI These will be bid out From there the contractors who will be working off-permit Finally we

Martin: suggest we remove the ceiling tile

Matt: Suggest we consider the walls as a sound isolation value. You cannot have a conversation anywhere

Chad: When the votes go out, can we include specific budget impact MP: To clarify, we need to see bids and approve those bids to actually approve spending.

Mandie: Concern that reducing the vote pool to 6 will not help

Derek: Does this send out the proposal now? Chris: This is effectively approving the distribution


15 in favor of sending this out in Helios

Coworking mobilityTo allow co-working rooms to be mobile (located anywhere in the space) as long as the director of facilities approves. ...wheels encouraged.

Martin: This requires a lot more objection Mandie: This is not fair Dan: This is like a VIP membership that gives people pride of place MV: suggest we amend this to be subject to member objection MP: That's not viable, that would be consensus rule. Danny: suggest we have people pay for their own workspace Mandie: If we arbitrarily allocate square footage of any amount, we will be stripping away shared space. It is important that we set some limit without consulting the membership Martin: Propose we defer Danny: we may need a specific

DIY book scanner Robert: a large tabletop item: 2'x2' This would be identical to spec This would be hosted by the normal hosting agreement Robert would like to make this available within hosted/supervised hours Vittorio has this scanner, but has not assembled/setup yet. Robert: There are legal ramifications if something scanned is placed on the internets without restriction Martin: Suggest we have a three month trial to give this Robert: Accepted! Tim: We can log this via the universal LDAP login to track usage on the control PC MP: Already done? Awesome Martin: What is the value? Vittorio: ~$1000 Martin: Well within our allowances then

Proposal: A steel frame welding table with similar footprint to the 2'x4'

Matt: Budget $350 materials, 1 week total build time, space for welding Also: intend to put this on wheels Martin: Subject to the addition of this MP: any objections? Second to this issue?

Proposal: 8' of wall, 30” deep space for a biohazard work area If the membership is willing to allocate space it will be zero cost Matt is a biochemist by trade and will ensure safety on this.

Materials to include: water in jugs, sterilizers, petri dishes, thermocycler. Needs outlet

Derek: I would like to see a process around special interests, and a more formal proposal MP: I understand this will be a temporary setup

Martin: Amenprior to allocation, please document Matt: Let me work that up, and I will present a fleshed proposal

Financials: We jumped 10 members, if we do this again we're in good shape. This month we made enough money to make our rent! ...this is only moderately good news. We didn't make enough over that. We keep touching the 100 membership tipping point, but not above.

See the budget for updated information on this. If you have questions ask Martin. We will file taxes ASAP Investors - You will receive an amendment K-1 form, you may be able to file in time to get extra money back from the IRS. We lost money, so there you are.

Solaris Launchpad: our first official class will be this Saturday It is up on the store, go there and purchase You will need class material, it is 1hr start, 1hr Q&A

Clarification: is the 'secret show' still on? Is it free? It is free, it may be next weekend