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   Discussion of budget for Q4 2012, yearly budget goals, and deadline

- Monthly - we went from $38 to $42 hundred.

             We will be using the $5,000 from the laser cutter fund to help with move and renovation.  
             We have 103 members now, we need 45 full paying members to hit the numbers we need to continue expanding the rate that we want.
                           This isn't bad and fully achievable based on the way things have been going currently.
              We need the C1 funding, it doesn't replace membership monthly earning.  We will just squeek by with that and what we have now.
               We should round out 2012 budget
               We have $900 in a deposit at this place, and if we leave it vacuumed, mopped painted and patched.

Allocate the $5800 from the laser fund and the $1680 from the bizarre fund and add to what we have saved to make a "Moving Fund" of $28,660. Vote - passes with 5 out of 5.

After the next party, we will roll party budget into the Advertising budget - Passed 5 out of 5

We will put $50 from general fund into furnishing fund and stop saving into the furnishing fund. - Passed 5 out of 5

The Blinken Bat fund is at nearly $600, we will stop adding into the Blinken Bat fund at this time. - Passed 5 out of 5

We have a 3080 deposit and first months pay when we sign the lease.

We will pay the lease and all associated costs out of the general fund. - Passed 5 out of 5

Our new rent will be $2460 (including the co-working space) and we don't have to pay again until December.

The buffer shall be "Rent, Power, Insurance, and Utilities" for 3 months.

Be it resolved that $75 will be used to rent chairs for the Raspberry Pi event on Oct. 6. Passed 5 out of 5.

Q4 budget will be posted to the site.

Move to strike the veto language from investment shares based on member feedback. - Passed 5 out of 5

Striking the "non-compensation" rule regarding Directors in the operating agreement. To give the possibility for compensation to be added at a later date. - passed 5 out of 5

As long as there are at least 5 Directors on the board, there is no need for an emergency vote to fill in empty Director seats to give time for the finding of ideal candidates. - Passed 5 out of 5

Be it resolved two new Director positions are to be added to the board. Director of Facilities and Director of Education. - Passed 5 out of 5

Be it resolved that Evelyn Nealson has access to the renovations budget without secondary authorization to renovate 1601 Rutherford Ln prior to move out. - passed passed 5 out of 5