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Member Meeting 11/20/12

See: [Hackerspace Agenda Slideshow Release 2.3]

Member Drive

  • Voters needed! We need those who want to become member-owners to sign and turn in their joinder agreements.
  • We’re not going to pester old members. We’ll attract new members.

We’re converting members to owners:

  • Patronage is access to the space only.
  • If you are a member, you get to vote, and you own a part of the space, and you patronize the space.
  • If you are an investor, you can vote, but this does not grant you access to use the space.

We have a number of board positions opening up.

  • This is an investment now, not just a club.
  • We’re going to handle elections seriously.
  • It will not be a popularity contest.
  • Resumes will be required.

New Space organization

  • Headed up by Evelyn and possibly Angie

Upcoming Events:

  • 3D Scan/Print demo Dec 6th (during the afternoon) at MIDEA @ ATT
    • They want someone who’s knowledgeable with 3D printing, willing to bring printer.
  • Maker Meetup - 3D Printing Dec 6th (night)
  • Make’n’bake - food/craft show Dec 15th, 16h
  • Houston Mini Maker Faire January (see slide)

Agendas, the proper process

  1. Post in the member list “your thing”.
  2. Have the request seconded.
  3. Once seconded, the administrator will note the item and record it.
  4. Discussion proceeds, wiki will be updated, it will be in queue for next meeting.
  5. At the meeting, the proposing member becomes the Lead for that issue. (make sure it gets done!)

Vote Validation [deferred]

  • Prior to a vote, during discussion
    • Are we informed enough to decide?
      • Vote whether or not we want to vote.
    • If we decide we want to vote (by majority), discuss what is to be voted on
    • Once discussion is had, then vote!
    • If the vote to vote fails, the vote is deferred
  • If there are dissenters to the vote, discuss
  • If all are dissenting, the item gets dropped.

Google Groups

  • Google groups is now a mailing list and a forum.
  • Martin proposes we move all mailing lists to google.
    • Moderators can pin items as important.
    • You can subscribe to topics via email.
    • New lists will be created as “ATXHS-” for easy searching to see all lists.
  • We will bring this up for vote later.

Delegation and Planning

  • Overall Organization
  • Hackerspace Excelsior
    • Marshall needs help converting this list to workflowy
  • Orientation Pamphlet
    • currently MV, Anne, Evelyn. Need more volunteers

Ministry of Propoganda, now taken over by Michelle

  • Member brochure (Evelyn, she needs more volunteers)
  • T-shirt (needs delegation)
  • Blog/announcements page (needs delegation)

New Location Planning

  • What should we delegate to SpaceCom?
    • Basic floorplanning
    • Basic Preferences, to be communicated to architects
    • Furniture Research
      • commercial?
      • DIY?
  • Evelyn has a planning doc to introduce ideas
  • The new location mailing list is being repurposed for all the above.

Election Process

  • Candidate Vetting
  • Positions are now open!
    1. Announcements will be made for open directorship positions.
    2. All candidates must submit resumes and cover letters explaining why they want the job.
    3. Members will submit questions to the member list posed to the candidates up for election.
    4. Votes will continue until a candidate is elected.
  • We are going through first interviews. These will be recorded in a private setting by one interviewer.
  • Second interview, will be public. Takes place 2 weeks after 1st interview.
  • Vote will take place for all candidates. It is not an election, it’s a “hiring”. If none of the candidates qualify, all candidates will be rejected.

Member Concerns

  • Communication Failures (Anne Schultz): Asks for a feed of information that the average member can keep up with.
  • Suggestions: blog posted weekly, broadcasted hackerspace news program, etc.

Next Steps

  1. Volunteer! - (find out which positions are open)
  2. Recruit - We want members, patrons, investors!
  3. Celebrate - Next week at the blackstar coop
  4. Elect - Next week we should have resumes, and first interviews should start
  5. Move in - we’ll have our new space in two weeks!

Martin gets the one key to the new space on Friday.

  • Martin and Tim will be working to install the new RFID system on the doors.
  • TWC 50/5 being installed on Friday.
  • No phones in the space yet.
  • The alarm company is coming; please don’t bring your valuables before the construction workers are gone.
  • We will be buying tables and chairs, but if you have some chairs or tables that we can use until we do that, please bring them!

If you want to be notified when a wiki is updated, click edit and go down to the bottom and select watch this.

Click the blue link on the front page of the wiki to get your B (voting) share!

If you have ideas on how we an recruit, post on the list! We have 4 new members just by saying we have a space now.