Meeting Notes/20121119

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board meeting 7:50 pm 19 Nov 2012 Danny Marshall Martin Evelyn Jon Mert Michelle present

Old business: Review of items from last board meeting 02Nov elections when we have quorum - need to get joinder agreements in so we can have elections MakeNBake plans solidifying Makerfaire: nothing to report yet

Coop dues in effect Dec 1 Michelle: do we grandfather in old $55 rate? (yes) Martin: student rate is $20 off (totals up to $30 if on autopay) Need to update rates on brochure, also the wiki membership page. discussion of how to update put coop announcement on wiki (how this all works: membership, patronage, shares) Martin is producing a document on C1 investment shares

Coop election process: need to announce open positions this is a job interview, not just nominations applicants need to present resumes (CV) Martin: we keep trying until a quorum gets behind one candidate How do we consistently present the candidates? (process)

  • video interview by current or former board member
  • audience questions at meeting?

one week hangout interview, gather questions for each candidate to answer 1. announce positions 2. publish resumes (CV) 3. gather questions for each candidate

New location: vote to empower a new space planning committee

Past member outreach: ongoing

New business: HVAC at new space: placement of 3-5 Ton units needs to be planned in the next 2 weeks contractor wants to meet Wednesday. Planning group needs to decide fast. New location list will become new location planning list

Mailing lists: proposed to convert all lists from Mailman to Google Groups, which now works both as forum and mailing list. Still investigate forums. Maintain list archives. Use google apps for business? [deferred]

work on agenda for member meeting,

work on agenda slideshow

proposed processes for developing agenda items on member list [discussion- no vote this time][deferred] proposed Vote validation procedure to prevent voting without sufficient discussion [to discuss] Need to find an architect, quick! We're working on that Need members to complete joinder agreements so we can vote. (need 24)

Marshall and Michelle to coordinate on upcoming events. Meeting ended 10:00 PM