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Cooperative Agreement

We have two signatures from two of the LLC members. We still need a signature from Matt McCabe. He is asking for some information and is crunched for time

The current revision has been available for 3 months, all concerns brought up by members have been addressed.

The summary was helpful (Yay!)

We want to adopt it, and the board will be adjusted.

  • Executive Director ( Day to the day decisions that keeps things going, fund raising )
  • Director of Operations ( tracking orders, events, talking to event coordinator of events that we're doing )
  • HR Director (Human Resources - if we get employees, Member at Large, and the person external entities will be contacting )
  • Director of Administration - (Flyers, forms, records )
  • Director of Finance (Comptroller)
  • Director of Educations (all class related activity )
  • Director of Facilities

The roles will be clearly defined.


We are at 78 members in good standing

New Locations


  • We would get around $8k in tenant improvements.
  • Rent per sqft per month would be 50 cents the first year, 53 cents the 2nd, 56 the 3rd, plus NNN can take it up into the 70's
  • We get 12 parking spots reserved and run of the lot after hours (in theory we could get 200 cars)

Suite 304

  • Appears to have fiber which might be Time Warner or Telecon
  • 600 amps of power (208, 3 phase)
  • We are allowed to put a sign on the building, as long as it's not distracting, it can be big and can glow.
  • Getting on the big sign (entrance marquee) is a monthly fee
  • The "expansion section" has power breakers and there is A/C but it's in the main section we are looking at. These can go up to SERE 18 and are not old.
  • Roof is fully insulated.
  • Roof penetration is not a problem
  • The main space is wired for networks. There's cat 3 and 5, but we will probably need to rewire.
  • There's a shop sink in the warehouse area.
  • Two bathrooms, both ADA compliant.
  • It's almost 5,333 sq ft and almost empty, so we could throw up some inexpensive walls if we want.
  • There's an "air lock" on the high loading dock door. But the lower door is unobstructed.
  • The total buildout amortized over time will be 50-100K

Suite 303

  • 303 is the potential suite we would have to expand into. It has a little break room.
  • There's a wall between 303 and 304, but not a load-bearing wall, so we could pop a hole through
  • They'd like us to start renting it after 6 months and we'd like it after a year.
  • There's no A/C ducting going to it. The A/C unit for this part is in 304
  • There's some 30 amp outlets


  • $0 provided for Tenant Improvements
  • 11 reserved parking spaces, possibly up to 85 spaces for events after hours

Suite 105

  • The per sqft per month cost with NNN is 91 cents, $4600'ish per month.
  • It's in good condition
  • Used to be a call center, LOTS OF PHONE LINES
  • Is already built out
  • shop is uninsulated and has no A/C
  • There's a generator outside that does not work. (Seized engine) 5k watts (only) and no transfer switch
  • back ally is a steep drive that becomes a river in rain, we can't get flood insurance because of this.
  • Water is heated with gas
  • No reception
  • Possible history of termites.
  • Inside the server room it is properly insulated
  • plenty of cat 5 cable throughout
  • A/C is slightly undersized. (30% 'ish)
  • Power 208, 100 amp panel
  • Server room has a "Mr. Slim" A/C
  • T1s
  • Next door neighbor does engines and there are vibrations that will impact some things (like MakerBots)

Suite 107

  • No A/C, no insulation, they have a heater
  • Giant boring warehouse
  • Nice floor
  • Three pretty small offices that look kinda nice

Suite 108

  • Server room is kinda small with labeled
  • 3 phase power
  • pink insulation, might need some work
  • Offices are nice and there are more of them
  • Nice little break room
  • one bathroom, ADA compliant
  • "loading center" room's floor is jacked
  • Shop area has not a lot power outlets

Post Meeting clarifications, points, and corrections


Dessau: Has Coax from TWC to building, has fiber to local node TWC has 35/5 Wideband ~$350 w/ $??? install fee. $927/mo for 20/20 dedicated fiber run from Grande is best fiber quote (quite good as a start)

Total Buildout cost of $50-100k sounds like a guess. Wall Street was $50k I expect $1/4-$1/2 million which is also a guess: That's Raleigh so it's largely irrelevant, but I'm betting it's not the other side of the planet price-wise.

Longhorn is $0.87/sqft with NNN ( $4002/mo ) - non-negotiated I'm not sure about the other stuff.


Longhorn #105 is being confused with #108.

Longhorn #108 has the undersized A/C, not #105. #105 is excellent, and has a ~$3500 35KBTU ductless inverter-drive Mr Slim capable of cooling 10KW of servers.

Longhorn #108 had the engine tester next door, but not anymore. SoulSpeed Engine was in #107 but moved out (#107 is up for rent)

Longhorn #105 is NOT a flood hazard, well, the water would have to rise several feet and there's huge drains there, as long as they're not clogged. The rust on the generator is not evidence of a flood, it's just rust. Also, the natural gas generator MIGHT be fixable, I don't see any credible evidence that we know it's seized. The transfer switch is missing. As a note, we can buy a larger, new Generac for $2500 so this isn't a big deal whether it's repairable or not. What DOES matter is having gas service (true for all the Longhorn sites, NOT for Dessau).

Longhorn #105 is only uninsulated in the second rear shop area. This could actually be fixable, the sq footage is not that large. The rest of it looks VERY well insulated. With two occupied, air-conditioned long walls and only a limited length of south-facing wall, this may be a major winner for utility bills. Also, gas heat is much cheaper than electric. Tim had a GREAT plan for just knocking out the awkward middle walls and joining the two shops, this makes sense to me but it would require ceiling insulation in back.

Longhorn #108 is an outright fire hazard as it is finished now. Bats' paper facing, and cardboard, are the shop's entire ceiling. Exposed highly flammable material in the ceiling. This entire shop area must be finished out with a fire barrier ceiling, it's dangerous to be doing work there. I cannot estimate the cost, maybe cheap maybe not, but the sq footage of ceiling is large and we have no TI money for this. It does seriously lack power in the shop, we may not be able to get it.

Dessau #303 is not a "potential suite we could expand into". Last I heard, it is a "must-take" with #304, at some period which hasn't been settled but could easily be "before we could possibly afford it". Since it lacks its own AC unit and electrical service, the owner can't rent it to anyone else without major modification, they're going to require we take it at some point in the near future.