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Using an Agent - Martin suggests we use John who was the rep at Ruthorford. He knows the space well as a tennent, he’s also seen us improve a space better then we find it. So he can be an advocate for us. He knows our needs as a group and is used to dealing with us (multiple points of contact). He will be a single point of contact between the space and the landlords and it is his job to stay on top of getting us into Dessau.

If we use a broker that represents us, the split becomes 4% for the landlord and 2% for us, for a total 6%. John explains this openly.

But we’ve only just started and he’s done well for us in the past with Ruthorford.

The Board has agreed with the decision to hire John Crismond as our broker to negotiate for us to get us into Dessau. All of the criteria needs to be presented to him and he’s seen our old lease so he knows the changes that we need.

Affording Dessau: Budgeting

Staring the dragon of budget defecit in the face Martin, Danny, and Marshall boxed out some real hard numbers

Current (BASE) $550 power $400 laser $160 bank fees $130 Insurance $70 FreshBooks $65 Clear (we need it for now, but DIE!) $65 ADT $45 AT&T $45

Current Subtotal: $1515

Additions $300 Time Warner (it needs to be more!) $125 ADT Pulse Security System $130 Scavenger $100 Water/Sewer (estimate)

(not final) Total $2170

Dessau Base Rent: $3378 (at .45/sqft) NNN: $1651 (at .22/sqft NNN) Subtotal $5030.36 Grand(ish) Total: $7200

$4200 $900 (co-working promises)

Deficit: $2100

What we need to do this!

Members: $50/month (We need 43 members at predicted ratio)

Cowork: (16-21 - 1000sqft total)

Storage: ¢42/ft^3, $50/pallete, $5/shelf (4 full rack, 1000sqft total)

Store: Inventables stock (net 30), imperial plastic (net 45), Sparkfun, Soda ($40)

To that end there will be committees for events, welcome waggon, monetization, classes, etc. To not only make money, but add value for members and draw members in.

Sign up for Committees here: (This is for volunteering for committees looking for members, committee pages will be added to the wiki once formed.)

Suggestions for Member Drive: - Lock in for a reduced fee for a year’s commitment ($45/mo auto pay)

 - Pre-pay?

- Create a “Letter of Intent” for Members who are interested in joining only once we have a location. - Tap our media contacts once we have a location and publicise tours. - Put a thermomitor sign on the wall with a member goal and update it as new member sign up.

Head of the Class Committee - Paul Bonser (If he wants it.)

Mediation: - Martin was unable to speak to Ferris and Max, will try again once more - Michelle has taken Robert’s statement - We have witness statements - This will be discussed in private to protect the privacy of all involved at the next meeting

Temporary Locations: - Martin and Matt will work to make sure the laser is set up in the available garage space in four days or less from the day of this meeting.

- We will need to re-work the laser calendar for this.

- Marshall Peck has been given the criteria needed to extend to a possible 20x20 location at Art Seen Alliance. It could be a nice place to have some other tools set up so members could get at them in a location where other hacky/makery types could see us at work and learn about our plans for our new location. Not sure how fesable this is, but there’s no reason not to learn more about it.