Meeting Notes/20120616

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1. With a Vote of 24 for FauxOp to 14 for Co-Op, and a few abstentions, the Membership chose to go with "Faux Op". This means that the legal entity will remain an LLC but the bylaws will be rewritten to make the Hackerspace behave as a Co-Op. The board will take this to the lawyers who will begin drawing up the needed changes. There will be regular revisions made available to the membership for comments, questions and suggestions.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - If you would have preferred a full-on Texas Co-Op this does not mean what you liked about it can't still be part of the way the "FauxOp" operates. Please do contact myself or the Member At Large (Matt Mancuso) if you have a question, concern, or suggestion. "FauxOp" is just a cute name that was applied to make sure there was differentiation between the options when we voted on it.

2. The Co-Working Space - The Co-working space will be run in a way that it insures it will not be a burden on the Hackerspace. The Co-Working space will pay for itself (Rent, utilities, etc) and will pay into the costs of Internet service for itself and the Hackerspace. People who utilize the Co-working space must be members in good standing with the Hackerspace, must be willing to front first and last month's rent for the cube they are renting from the Co-working space, and must be willing to commit to a 6 month lease to start. Rent for a 6x6 cube will be around $150/mo, if enough cubes are rented out. Currently, there are currently 7 people or groups ready to commit. (More then one person can pool their resources to rent a cube.) The Co-Working space is intended to be a reasonably quiet, reasonably clean, reasonably professional environment. Formal contracts will be drawn up and signed between the Co-working space and those members who wish to rent cubes as well as between the Co-working space and the Hackerspace.

3. Layout for the New Space (Wall Street) - Matt Mancuso will make available the current proposed floorplan for the new space on the google group. This is about where walls, doors, electrical outlets, plumbing, etc will go. We need to have this floor plan finalized by THIS MONDAY. So please review and get your suggestions in.

4. Desktop 3D Printers - Firstly, the repairs on the Old MakerBot Cupcake are nearly completed. There was a general agreement that the Membership did want to purchase the Replicator model from Martin. A formal agreement will be drawn up between the Seller (Martin) and the Hackerspace. This agreement will spell out the requirements regarding Best Effort Maintenence and Repaire". With a vote of 32 for to 5 against and 4 abstentions. The Replicator will be purchased by the Hackerspace through Metered Use. That is, only Space stocked materials are permitted for use with the Replicator, and there is a slight markup on the materials to purchase the Replicator from the Seller. Once the Hackerspace owns the Replicator, it will be put to the membership whether the metered use model on this tool is kept or discarded.

It should be reiterated that the Cupcake WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE so there is a choice between the metered use of the Replicator, and the Cupcake which is free use (unless you choose to purchase materials from the space at no markup).

5. ZCorp Printer - A vote on allowing this tool to be hosted. This tool will require a class (as will the laser and the lathe) which will require a fee (as with the laser), but USE IS NOT METERED. The Space is not purchasing this tool. Materials will be available for purchase, but Members who have taken the class and are cleared to use it are also permitted to utilize their own materials in the machine. The tool will be insured, there will be an agreement between the Hackerspace and the Owner (Martin) regarding Best Effort repairs and maintenance. A vote of 30 for, 3 against, and 3 abstention passes the proposal for this hosted tool.

6. BlinkenBat Budget - The Blinken Bats made back the initial outlay plus extra which has been used to purchase components for the next round of BlinkenBats. For this round, however, we would like to do a much larger run of PCBs for the pins. To increase the order from 100 boards to 1000 means that the cost doesn't go up that much due to economy of scale. 1000 kits means that at $3 for the kit and $5 for the kit and soldering instruction will increase the profit margin, plus we won't have to order more again so soon. It is proposed that $120 be put aside each month until the "BlinkenBat Fund" reaches $500, at which time the boards will be ordered in a QTY of 1000. A vote of 32 for, one against, and three abstain.