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Board Meeting 05/23/2012 - Teleconfrence

Attending Board Members:

  • Michelle
  • Mancuso
  • Jon
  • Marshall

List of stuff that we need to clarify

Also things that need to happen either as something they agree to do or agree to let us do (with what they require of us to do it.

  • There are breaker bars on the two doors without handles. (All the doors have breaker bars?) or is it not. The locks are all independent of the breaker bars and we need to verify that they all work. The front main door looks like it is anchored to the concrete and bolts into the steel frame. (We might need it reinforced into the frame for security.) They need to do something about the mail slot, which acts as an access to the breaker bar on the third door. We need breaker bars for safety.)
  • The lighting outside the building. (There is none.) A lot of our stuff is evening. It seems like a safe neighborhood. We need to ask the landlord (verify) that we can add lighting. That won’t be a big expense.
  • We also need to ask if we can have a lit sign. Other businesses there have them so it’s probably okay.
  • Removal the carpet in the back, asking them to finish the floor. They have to polish the floor anyway, but we should verify what they are doing for floor prep.
  • ADA compliance. Could be an issue when we become a Co-Op. Needs research it. (Task item for Jon.)
  • Need to verify (in writing) that we have roof access for venting and antenna. There’s a unit in there that did something like that, but we need to know what is required of us to do that. (Permits, compliance, etc.) ((May need to do ducting for laser or server room, POSSIBLY a washer and dryer.))
  • Air Conditioning. There are three units of air conditioning with three zones for each Unit. Possibly we will take one of them and dedicate it to cooling the server room only. It will be on the kitchen side. (Possibly with the kitchen added on the unit for the server room.)
  • Making sure that when they remove the walls around the kitchen that they install water and power hookups for sinks, appliances. (Michelle vehemently disagrees with having a dishwasher.) Ask them to remove their sink (or offer to remove it for them) so we can install our own.
  • We will need several 220 outlets (1 or 2 in the kitchen, 2 in the server room and 4 to 6 in the shop) and discuss actual placement. (We will need to do a walk through, Tim & Danny, to figure out where they will be. This will probably be done in conjunction with whatever walkthroughs need to be done for Max Occupancy, Fire, ADA, etc.) Will they be willing to do it while they are working on other stuff or what they would require of us to do it ourselves.
  • Ask about removing the drop tile for certain areas, and making sure the LANDLORD is cool with that.

The first month of the new place should coincide with the last month of the old place.

Tell the landlord that we’d like the lease to start the first of Sept. and ask if they would give us August to move in.

Do the landlords have an “approved contractor list”?

Things Discovered during Martin’s Fact Finding Mission:

  • There are three different ISPs available to us, including fiber.
  • We would need a handicap space.
  • We would need to make a ramp in the front for access, there is room for it.

Coworking Space:

  • Both units on either side of the possible new Space are available. They are probably similar to the ones we’re looking at.
  • We would probably want the one on the entrance side, because the far side is up by about a foot or so.
  • We pretty much have dibs on it, they’re not advertising it yet.
  • Mancuso would like to get into the coworking unit BEFORE we move the Space in.
  • It can be the way it is, that should give us plenty of outlets. We just want to have some kind of partition so we can separate quieter from more noisy space.
  • We want to do it as an extension of the Hackerspace
  • If they’re offering the co-working unit at the same rate it should be an extra $650.
  • We would like to get people to commit to 6 months at least.
  • The Co-Working space needs an agreement between it and the users as well as between it and the space. (Michelle with start a google doc and share it with Tim, Mancuso, Marshal and Jon.)

Ros Ingrum from Orbotics

  • He was concerned about space in The Space and found a different location.
  • If we would be willing to share the event with the Membership, for which he will donate a Spiro or two to the Space
  • There are give-aways and prizes.
  • Tickets are $10.
  • It is relevant to the Membership’s interest.

Moving the All Member Meeting:

  • Jon would like all of the board to be present and we need more time to get ready for co-op vote
  • The 16th of June is the new date by a vote of 4 out of 4 members present.
  • Our next Member Meeting should be a prep for the All Member Meeting
    • Present on what we KNOW what needs to be decided and get people thinking about that.
  • We have 8 pre-votes, Optimally we want 2/3rds of the Membership to Vote (Quorum is less then that), and start off meeting with a decision.