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Weekly Meeting of the Membership - 2/7/2012, 7:30PM


Recording of the minutes delegated to Marshall Vaughan, by the secretary pro-tem.

Raw transcript of the meeting is Meeting_Notes/20120207_transcript


  • Quorum is 25, there are 22 people present.
  • Proxy votes have been recorded, quorum is met for voting items.

Agenda Items

Inventables CEO: Teleconference

Zach Kaplan, CEO of [Inventables] joined us via teleconference. As a gift, he is giving every single member of ATX Hackerspace a $20 gift certificate coupon code (a $2000 gift!!!) which can be combined/stacked. Inventables provides all kinds of desktop manufacturing materials.

The form to get a gift certificate will be posted to the members-only list as an announcement. ATX Hackerspace members can sign up via a google form, and the gift certificates will be verified by the User:Martinbogo treasurer prior to being issued.

Zach also announced that [Inventables] will be having a contest to create an open-source machine to do filament extrusion from pellets. The prize will be a full desktop fabrication factory!

Financial Review

There is some confusion as to the process of how to pay the first bill. Some people have mistakenly gone to the [store] to pay the bill rather than clicking on the FreshBooks link. Others, who are students or who wished to apply for the Reduced Rate have not been following the procedure to dispute the invoices.

For people who are going onto auto-pay, the $5 will be manually refunded on the 11th of Feb. Ever bill afterwards will have the $5 discount already applied before payment.

The service rejected our application (for having the word 'hacker' in our name) but I have filed an appeal along with our bylaws. They are reviewing the appeal.

About half our members have paid so far, there are three days left in the billing period. We have billed about $5000, and $2750 has come in (including the adafruit order of ~$250) so we are in a much better cash position every month now as long as people pay their dues on time.

Joe Asked: Anyone who left due to increase?
Martin Answered:  Yes, 4, the same who said they would leave if rates went up.  We are net positive on members 99. 

We have all our accounting done, we should be able to file taxes on time, with great thanks to the mighty Mert Eastman for his help!

Election Process

When a member of the board steps down, the election is held at the next [Quarterly Meeting on Sat March 3rd from 2-5pm].

Current open positions are:

  • Vice Chairman
    • The Vice-Chairman shall chair committees on special subjects as designated by the board and shall act as Chairman in the Chairman's absence.
  • Secretary
    • The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of Board actions including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each Board member, assuring that corporate records are maintained and filed with the state as needed, and maintaining publicly available resources such as the website, wiki, and mailing lists.
Danny Asked: Can you summarize legal liability for the board?
Jon, Martin Answered:  None, actually. That is all on the shoulders of the entity that is the LLC.

End of Month Party

We had no party last month, this time we can celebrate 100 crazy hackers!! This will be your basic social ho-down, we have food, music and lollygagging.

Danny Asked: Will there be skylarking?
Martin Answered: There will be skylarking.

Jon Asked: Do we want a DJ?
Matt Answered: ( grinning and pointing to his left, Matt is next to a turn table.) 

Martin will see if he can hire a TABC certified barperson, and donate part of the wet-bar for fun and social lubrication.

Floor Plan for New Space

Mandie pointed out that we have a ton of discussion going on regarding the floor plan on the lists and in person. We want to get an official collection of interest so we can plan for it.

Joe Asked: Is there a deadline?
Mandie Answered: Uh, two weeks? Two weeks, it's on the wiki under agenda item.

[ VOTE ] Changing the Mailing Lists

Martin introduces a new organization for the mailing lists. The original mailing lists were "organically grown" and not well organized. He would like to change the lists as follows:

  • ATXHS – discuss, that's just everything. No hold barred, everyone everywhere
  • ATXHS – Members-only: if you are a member, you are on the list. Internal discussion
  • ATXHS – Announce list: That is all current members, only board broadcasts. No posts.

The idea is to add that 'here is the announcement' option, and just get the word out.

Michelle Asked: Are we renaming?
Martin Answered: I think we can do that, depends on what Google can do for us. It has been broken of late.  There may be a need to reinvite. If you don't want to be amidst the hubbub, you don't have to sign up.  Discuss will be do what you want for delivery .. digest, email, web-only.  Members list, same deal.  Announce will be email only. That is the only allowed setting. No digests. It's important!

If you want to discuss anything really important, hit the [[1]] to have an announcement sent.


[ VOTE ] Meeting Frequency Change

Jon introduced the idea of organizing our meetings twice a month. The proposal is to have our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at the same time we currently have them.


Michelle – I think we need to meet anyway
James – I think every week getting together is fine. Once a month is all we need. If something is urgent, the board should be empowered to take action.
Furthermore, quarterly meeting? We should have just another monthly meeting.
Just 12 meetings a year should be alright
Mandie – We don't normally have meeting this filled. I am min favor of keeping the member meeting
We should have it during the open house. They work together
Marshall - Weekly announcement maybe? Bimonthly is what she would try, then we
Danny - Can we clarify?
Westin – Semi-monthy is twice a month, Bi-monthly is every two months
Jon – We aren't saying you can't converse, we are just saying we focus the meetings.
If something comes up we may hold a meeting.
Martin– I second Martin's proposal. 2nd and 4th wednesday
Joe – Let's make that Tuesday! Tuesday.
James – I think it does not work well to have these voting meetings before the open-house
Then we have new members standing around waiting. I don't think we want that pressure
It is good to have all the members here welcoming new members,
Joe – As a possible second vote some time in the future, perhaps we could flop the open-house
and the member meeting. Open-house first.
Westin – Actually, we initally had a very disciplined meetingj end. That actual end makes us under the gun. We got this done, it let us
Mert – I think we should continue weekly meetings. I vote no.
Evelyn – I think as a new member we should have that disciplined and bang things out.
Joe – Amendment Proposal effective March first!


Hiatus Clarification

People are worried that they will lose their Confirmed status if they go on hiatus. The policy has been clarified and posted to our policy page. The policy is:

If a Confirmed member in good standing goes on hiatus, their confirmed status along with all privileges earned through classes and training are preserved when they return.
If a Confirmed member has dues owed and leaves, those dues must be paid, or forgiven by the Board ("be in good standing") before retuning.

Mini Maker Faire, Solder Practice PCBs

Michelle announced that we have a booth in the mini maker faire this April!

We need some people who are interested in selling objects for the fair, and we also need some people to teach soldering classes and help out with teaching. Then I realized... we need something to solder!

There are adorable 'learn to solder' pins with $1.25 for the group buy. Some of us think it would be really cool to make our own. We are thinking $3 for the badge, $5 for the badge and teaching you how to solder. We don't want to spend more than $250, but we should be less than $200.

(Conservative estimate was $250, but should be under $230)

VOTE POSTPONED: Pending Budget


Paul – We want to put our badges out there and do a production run.
Michelle – Budget is to propose $250 budget. 100 kits at least.
Martin – I would like to table this until the 11th – budget is not ready.

[[Item tabled by consensus]]

Paul – One thing to keep in mind, we need to get things moving.
Joe – Shouldn't we just vote and budget finally when we know later we have moneys?
Michelle – I'm alright with waiting.
There was some talk about outreach and that sort of thing.
Jon – Tabling for now, discussion to continue on list
Michelle – If you have questions about the mini maker faire, please talk to me.

HackBat Logo as Creative Commons

Jon introduces that we would like to make the HackBat a creative commons logo. He feels the discussion is still ongoing, and that we haven't fully explored the consequences of choosing a CC license for the logo. He made an executive decision to table the motion until further discussion has taken place.

VOTE POSTPONED: Pending Discussion

One. More. Thing.

Matt Mancuso introduces Tom Baum:, who the lead with the Homeless Coach project.

  • The homeless coach is a local not for profit.
  • We got a donation of 55 years of tobacco products paraphenalia, and decided to get a tobacco museum exhibit out of this. We're mapping onto Austin and Texas's history, and direction, the e exhibit would contain a smoking robot. Something that would educate people.
  • We have proposed this to the austin Robotgroup.
  • We have someone who built this sort of thing already
  • There is an opportunity to launch something here that will run the Bob Bollock circcuit
  • We are looking for collaborators. Not just locally, but nationally.

If anyone is interested, please talk to Tom Baum:

Tom Baum
Homeless Coach Project
@homelesscoach on twitter

Final Note

Jon promises to hold the Meeting Clock next time, and the meeting will be limited strictly to 30 minutes.