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Weekly Meeting of the Membership - 11/29/2011, 7:30PM

We have 86 members tonight, quorum is 21.

Holiday Bazaar

Mandie would like to host a Holiday Bazaar to help raise money for the new space build-out. If you can bake and make things, bring it in to sell! We'll also need lots of volunteers to help run the event, act as cashiers, and demo machines/products. This will all be done at the space itself, and will act as a sort of giant open house/bazaar. See Mandie if you'd like to help cook/host/build.


Martin is nearly done converting from quickbooks. With the help of Mert, a year's worth of data is going to be moved into Kashoo.

People interested in paying straight from their bank account can contact Martin to set up an ACH transfer. The upside to this is that individuals have direct control over the recurring transfer, as it goes through their bank as a pushed transfer.

Regarding transparency, there is now a page on the wiki called Financials, containing graphs and data visualizing specific cashflows.

New Space Update

We've talked to John Crismond. He send the owners our current transition requests regarding the split space, and the owners are thinking about it. The space currently has a SEER 12 AC, with damaged coils. Some thought about the procurement for repairs needs to go into this.

Other Stuff

FotSC will be focused on small, concrete, achievable goals tonight.

Martin was laid off today! He will, therefore, have a lot more time to spend at the hackerspace when he is in Austin.

Martin was able to acquire a Jet bandsaw. It is larger and more powerful than our current bandsaw, and can cut wood and metal.