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Weekly Meeting of the Membership
- 7/12/2011, 7:30PM

Quorum this week is 19!



  • $380 in unpaid membership dues
  • $730 has been paid after receiving an invoice
  • Total of $1110 expected, based on invoices sent out
  • $1500 taken in; should be taking in $2300 total for this month

A lot of members dropped the amount of their dues this month. If we don't get the dues, we can't pay for toys.

Laser Cutter

Martin brought in the lease for the laser cutter if anyone would like to read it. This is the blank high-risk lease. The LLC is still negotiating on the terms. For example, there are still negotiations on whether or not the laser cutter will be warrantied.

They can deliver the cutter within days of it being arranged. The mezzanine MUST be done before installing the laser.


What's left to do:

  • taping
  • plastering
  • floor installation
  • paint
  • trim.

Southern Storage Estimate

They're a company here in Austin that does metal storage and industrial storage systems. They're trying to build a portfolio. They offered to do an estimate for us at a massive discount. They're working on a design for us. Martin will post it to the list when the results come in.


The building temperature needs to be below 90 degrees at all times to accommodate the server rack. Nathan S. recommends moving it.

Sleeping at the Space

[user:Martinbogo | Martin] proposed a policy that a lot of people seemed to like. (see policy--> Policies#Sleeping_at_the_Hackerspace ) This was voted on and was passed by a majority of the quorum.

Member Storage

All members have ONE banker box. Please don't move someone else's box. Please don't store an empty banker box on the shelf; give it up to someone else. Please don't store food that can rot in your banker box. If you have something you want to store here that doesn't fit in your box, or if your box is overflowing, please ask permission at the next members' meeting to store extra stuff at the space.