Meeting Notes/20110701

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Meeting of the Board
- 7/1/2011, 8:30PM

Membership Process Concerns

Jeff voiced concern about having provisional members become confirmed members during the course of one night.

Bylaws Amendments

Provisional Member Process

We added the new process for handling an objection to confirmed membership to the bylaws, previously discussed and voted on at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Stakeholder Membership Status

We confirmed that the stakeholder membership level was removed from the bylaws.

6-Month Financial Buffer

The LLC's financial plan runs on a 3-month buffer currently. On average, the hackerspace spends $1200-$1500/month. We currently have a monthly surplus of $600-800/month. $5902 is in the bank right now. There will be a $6600 balance tomorrow with the processed pending payments. Our current 3-month buffer is $4425.

We must balance (a) building a 6-month buffer, (b) buying new equipment, and (c) preparing for a potential new space as we grow. The board decided that the hackerspace won't earmark funds for building a buffer, but that we will weigh the pros and cons of using the surplus to build the buffer versus purchasing equipment/services/supplies for the space as these issues and desires arise. We should get used to our altered cashflow with the laser cutter expenses before making any significant financial decisions at this time.

Martin claims that the best time of the month to make purchasing decisions is after members' payments are considered "late". After the 10th of the month we can more accurately estimate what our budget for the month will likely be.

Should we issue a few more sponsored memberships? We can afford a few more if we are interested.

Alternative Membership Models

Should we issue some form of casual, non-recurring membership for purchase? Perhaps an hourly rate?

Laser Cutter Access

Use of the laser cutter will likely be with a computer login and password, rather than an RFID card. Martin claims the RFID would not allow the laser to be shut off in case of an emergency.

Member Survey

Jeff is putting together a new member survey. We can use that data to figure out what people want.