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General Meeting of the Membership
- 614/2011, 7:30PM

Financial Report

We have 55 confirmed members, 70 total members. 8 new members in June so far! If you haven't checked the provisional members wall in a while, please do. We have a lot of new members awaiting signatures.

14 people have yet to pay dues! Only $2100 of dues has been collected so far.

$1332 has been spent on rent/utilities this month.

If you ever have any questions about ATXHS finances, contact our Treasurer, Martin.

ATX Hackerspace is 1 Year Old!

The hackerspace is 1 year old now! We started things moving in November 2009, and ATXHS became an entity on May 2010.


Things got a little too aggressive during the last clean-up. A weekly dump box is proposed. If you think it should be dumped, put it in the box. Every week we'll dump it if no one claims the stuff.

Anyone have a sturdy box?

Tool Organization

We're still in the process of finding a good time for everyone to meet.

[It was later determined that the work day will be June 25th, from 1-5PM.]


Quotes were collected, nothing comes close to what we pay right now for Clear. Time Warner isn't an option because we aren't wired for it, nor are we going to be. We have no other options. DSL isn't available because the nearest source is 6mi away.

Laser Cutter

The $300 deal is gone; they have a buyer for that laser. There's a $400/month deal on the table. It's for a 120D dual laser, and it's newer than the last offered laser. $400 is half of our unallocated funds per month. 5% of our budget just to rent a laser cutter? It was suggested that members might pay more in dues if they knew they could use the laser cutter. This will be an agenda item for the Annual Meeting this Saturday (6/18/2011, 5PM).

Stakeholder membership is Changing

Matt Mancuso got a "magic card" to open the space for his hosted night. He's the second non-stakeholder member to receive a card to leave the door unlocked to hold an open house.

We are in the process of changing/removing the stakeholder level of membership. That status of membership was originally forced on us by our landlord at the old location. Martin thinks there should be benefits/awards for those who choose to pay higher than the standard dues amount in the future. Ex: They could be taken out for a nice dinner, maybe schwag, maybe have their names put on a donation plaque, etc.

This will also be an agenda item at the Annual Meeting this Saturday.

Annual Party?!

We had our launch party last year in November. We've been here a year now. Let's celebrate!

Let's make a yearbook. Tim wants to head this up, so send pictures, blurbs and stories to Tim at [].

Swap Meet

There will be a Swap Meet meeting at Martin's house soon. Be on the lookout for an email from him.

Lathe Progress

The lathe is coming together. The lead screw is bent, so things will take a bit longer than expected. The grease trap isn't completely emptied yet (Jason Pepas pulled out most of it).

Helpers are welcome, but talk to Ebo first to see what needs doing, as it's currently in a fragile state. Also, please don't mess with the lathe if you don't know what you're doing. It is definitely an easily mess-up-able piece of equipment!