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General Meeting of the Membership
- 5/31/2011, 7:30PM

Open Nights

We now have open hours for every night of the week! these are now on the events page and the calendar.

Remote Locking of the Front Door

Tim Fredlund has added the ability to remotely lock the front door (take it out of "party mode").

Central Login/Authorization Database

Tim Fredlund is still working on this. It is semi-done.

Upgrading the Minecraft Server

Tim Fredlund has done this, but it is now broken.

Cleaning Up, Being Excellent

We are having recurring issues with getting members/guests to clean up after themselves. We did some brainstorming on ways cleanliness might be encouraged in the space:

  • Make it obvious where things belong. Put up full-scale images or shadows for where the tools belong on the pegboard. Have more clear shoebox sized bins for tools on the tools shelf with either lists or color-coding to indicate where a tool goes. Mandie Kramer has created a wiki page for Tools Organization. Please help if you can.
  • Make it easier to take out the recycling. We need a bigger recycling bin so someone can take a bag with them at the end of their visit and dump it into their single stream recycling. Post a list of what can be recycled in the Austin recycling district. (Added a shopping list to the wiki for anyone wanting to make a run for supplies.)


Martin Bogomolni was intending to talk about this, but was unavailable for the meeting.

David Mitchell thinks we should hire someone for this. We had a cheap quote from someone to do this, but when we called they were backed up for months. Perhaps we need to look elsewhere and get quotes.

We also still need a window. Lowest price was $120 for a sliding window at Habitat for Humanity. We could also pick a standard framing size for a window and leave it open for now. We could also frame in some plexiglass. David Mitchell and Marshall Vaughan will volunteer to frame something in. Will ping email too.

Laser Cutter Rental Status

As of the time of the meeting, the Board had not received the final leasing contract and has not had the opportunity to make a decision.


The E-commerce store is getting up and running (per Evan Mallory). If members want to sell on the site, talk to the Board. The Hackerspace will take a cut of the profit to benefit the membership; the amount/technique for which have not yet been discussed. We do not want to sell things that we can’t drop ship. In other words, no incomplete products will be sold.

[Magento] is the package being used. Evan Mallory and Martin Bogomolni are the main members working on the store, but they’re open to people wanting to help out!

How we are Handling Member Votes

Jon Kelly, our Member at Large, has been hearing that people want a fair audience given to "no" votes. Before the membership takes a vote on an issue during a meeting, we shall ask if there are any final objections on the issue before a vote is performed to make sure dissenters have a chance to speak their mind.

We should give the membership a fair chance to vote by proxy (see bylaws for procedure]] for votes of high importance or financial significance to the membership. An announcement will be made for these high-profile votes on the members list a week in advance. The membership should feel free to suggest a vote be postponed to allow for this advance notice to be given to non-present members.

How we are Handling Large Projects/Purchases

Jon Kelly, our Member at Large, has been hearing that we might need a standardized procedure to follow through on our projects. There are templates on how to manage a project out there. Do we need a form to fill out when a project is introduced? Maybe we just need to do what we say we’re going to do.

General Direction and Goals for the Space

Jon Kelly, our Member at Large, would like to hear from you if you have opinions/thoughts on:

  • What should a hackerspace be?
  • What should our hackerspace become?
  • How close do you think our space is to achieving that goal?

Ebo's Milling Machine

We need to make a decision on whether to help financially move the milling machine and whether or not it’s worth it to the space. Ebo needs to know our final decision by next Tuesday!