Meeting Notes/20110315

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General Meeting of the Membership
- 3/15/2011, 7:30PM


Our current bank balance is $3200. Yay!

Mezzanine Build

The mezzanine build is scheduled for next Sunday, noon to whenever. We'll be working on re-wiring the A/C unit in the back and installing walls in the mezzanine.

Cleaning Up

Mert straightened up the hack shelf. NOTE: Things should be tagged with the date they were placed on the shelf. There are tags available near the shelf.

If you use a tool, CLEAN before you leave! Run the vacuum cleaner if you made sawdust. Finish your sodas and throw them away!

There is a pile of PVC pipe in the back corner. If no one claims it as theirs, we will use some and get rid of the rest.

ACE Innovation Event

Sarah Loden is looking for presenters for her school's event on April 16th, from 2-5pm. More information can be found here: Are you interested in presenting or doing a demo? Get in touch with Sarah (she's on the email list).

The Dorkbot Event during SXSW Interactive

The Dorkbot event worked and was awesome! We were recognized at the Speakeasy Super Happy Dev House by name. Neat!


Once MakeATX has a space, we should all go over to their space and help! Martin will find out when that will be.

Potential Membership Priveledges

There is potential for a membership exchange with Hacker Dojo in Mountain View. If you're a member of ATX Hackerspace, you could potentially have free access to the Hacker Dojo. More info soon.