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General Meeting of the Membership - 2/8/2011, 7:30PM


$1800 is expected to be collected this month in dues; we have collected $1100 as of today. Pay your dues, members! We are $710 behind our ideal buffer. We are $70 in the hole if the rest of the member dues don't come in this month. If everyone pays, we'll start with $3400 total in the bank next month.

In order to sign up for a recurring payment, you must submit a payment on the website, and then it will ask if you'd like to participate in recurring payments on the last page.

Would you like the option of paying a certain number of months (a year?) in advance for a discount? Talk to the treasurer (Martin).

We should add a comment about donations on the new wiki. Individuals/organizations could potentially sponsor projects or equipment, also.


Matt McCabe just racked a second server at PrismNet (one of our sponsors!). Matt is pimping them out; their pricing is really decent. If anyone is interested, talk to Matt. He'll tell them to give you a good deal.

Hosting Branded Email Accounts

Should we host branded email accounts for interested members? We promised this as a membership perk, so we should probably make good on that promise if anyone wants one. To the member it costs nothing. If mail-forwarding is used, it won't cost anything for the space, either. We'll do the forwarding on the server. Martin will set it up.

Voted: "Does anyone want to see this not done, specifically" 10 out of 15, the vote passes! There will be branded email accounts.

Hosting the Austin Electric Vehicles Meetup

Austin Electric Vehicles needs a space for a meeting every second Saturday of the month from 3-5PM. They'd like to permanently use the hackerspace for their meetings. Their meeting organizer, Aaron Choate, has intentions of being a stakeholder but will need someone to host for him until then. No one has objections to letting him have a trial meeting here. We will offer them the front lounge for the meeting.

Vote to let Austin EV host their meetings here: passed easily.

Teaming up with Dorkbot at SXSW

Laura Hamilton and Dustin from Dorkbot have invited us to join them for SXSW at the Austin Music Hall on March 11th. Last year's event was standing room only and "awesome". The music hall has a 4,500-person capacity. Dorkbot is partnering with Ignite Austin, whose theme this year is "2020: Vision of the Future." If you want to have a table/booth there and present stuff that represents "doing strange stuff with electricity," email or go to their website or talk to Laura or Dustin.