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General Meeting of the Membership - 1/18/2011, 7:30PM

Provisional Members

  • Nathan Weber introduces himself. (Too new to vote on yet.)
  • Rudy introduces himself. Rudy makes official membership by a vote of the membership!
  • It’s hard to get a quorum together to vote on provisional members. How should we address this issue? Have a sheet with the provisional member’s name, picture and description. Have people give their signatures on the sheet. Seven signatures makes their membership official. Once all seven signatures are collected, the accomplishment is posted to the members email list. Members have 24 hours to submit dissenting opinions to the Member at Large (currently Jon Kelly). VOTED ON AND PASSED!

Payment Issues

  • There was concern from someone that said they don’t want “hackerspace” showing up on their credit card statements. Some people may have a concern about giving their credit card information to a hackerspace.
  • We never handle credit card payments personally. We use Bank of America’s gateway. We have signed up for one year of merchant services with Bank of America.
  • LLC’s final opinion: We will NOT be using PayPal.
  • Martin and Evan will talk and work on a new gateway. A proposal will be made at next week’s meeting.


  • Everyone paid this month!
  • We were supposed to take in $1795, we took in $1720
  • Costs:
    • Rent is $950
    • We had the printer rebuilt for $300 (Martin ate $200)
    • TURN OFF THE HEAT BEFORE LEAVING! $171 for power this month.
    • Materials for mezzanine: $190, another couple hundred needed in sheet rock.

Hosting Changes

Jon Kelly is moving his hosted night from Thursday to Wednesday nights.

Hackerspace Projects

Evan is working with the San Antonio hackerspace and is wanting to do a Texas-wide hacker project with hackerspaces across the state. If anyone is interested, email Evan.


What should we bring? We have limited space in Dorkbot’s tent.

Space Usage

Martin will be using the front room two hours every other Thursday from ~8-10pm to record a web show he’ll be calling “HACK!”. This will require any visitors to the space to enter through the back door during the recording. This is a temporary arrangement until the mezzanine construction is completed, and Martin can record the show up there. This was put to a vote at the meeting and approved.