Meeting Notes/2010918

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- Announcements about events

- We have not much time to move. So please take stuff home.

- 2:00 PM Saturday we will be moving stuff and 2 PM on Sunday. Later on Sunday we will move things that are left into the center of the room so walls can be painted.

- Our certificate of occupation which happens after rennovations. Before we move in. So October is hosed and mostly taken up by renovations. - Marshal P is taking the Front Room - Anne is taking materials - Matt Mancuso is handling the tools on the main floor. - The lathe move is $300, the painting is $200 of which $60 have been spent. - They locked us out at 5 today. - We have an electrician who is interested in working with us on price - WE have the plumbing is down. - Items will be stored in the Uncle Bob's and the garages of certain members.