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General Meeting of the Membership - 11/09/2010, 7:00 PM

Jeff Keyzer became an official member Westin became an official member

We are behind funds this month. We stand to collect $1600 A lot of people haven't paid their November membership yet, pay up! We are only half paid for this month. Need a script for the new wiki as an auto payment page for memberships.

$925 rent $200 power $400 shirts $200 budgeted for party $? telephone and other little bills? $? Adafruit hasn't been billed yet. We're on their tail.

Martin wants to get a fridge for the space. Voted as a priority.

Equipment buying, large stuff Marshall wants a kickstarter project large machine, CNC Mill and laser cutter are two that keep coming up. Laser engraver needs to be put aside. CNC plans all over the internet open-source. He wants help brainstorming, will start on the wiki. Need help launching kickstarter project and get it funded. Need people also to work on the software, top to bottom. Tool committee needs to be formed. CNC committee will be headed up by Marshall, can be a part of that committee to work on the CNC mill specifically. Tool Committee will be headed up by David Mitchell. Tool Committee will guide parameters for CNC mill. Martin can give the committee a budget every month, Committee can give Martin quotes for tools to develop long term goals. Spreadsheet has been started for tools in the space. Marshall and David were successfully voted in.

Lock picking class Eric is one of the founders of Hack DC and Pumping Station One. He's in the area. He wants to teach a lock-picking class next week on Tuesday. Free class to members! Would like us to purchase $25? lock-picking sets to aid in a bulk order. Lock picking sets are legal, just don't do anything illegal with them. Bump keys are now illegal in TX.

This coming saturday, organizing the space - will be cleaning, organizing, building out to make the space more useful. - starting around 2pm, may be earlier

Programming Peggy Demos were run during the party Doug wants to know if anyone else wants to help Matt McCabe will help. Talk to Doug if you want to help

Evil Mad Scientist Labs has a proposition for us People who want to learn to solder, they'll provide free stuff for us to assemble, and we can sell these items through their site for profit to the space. Experimental arrangements.

Head of building things for other people committee will be Martin Bogomolni.

Mezzanine build-out and plumbing. Mezzanine will be another $700 to finish. Budgeted time is 4 days. Before and after Thanksgiving. If anyone has a plumber friend, we need a low rate. A licensed plumber is needed because the connection to the whole complex needs to be turned off. If you want a plumbed thing in the space, request it on the resources page before we get the plumber in.

Web interface process cube needed for agenda items that keep popping up month-to-month.

We went way over budget for party, because we lost a lot. We should have charged for food. The bar did okay. We should have had a committee for the party planning. Good effort for a first event. In the future, we know what we need to do, and plan a month or two in advance. Martin now has a whiffle bat, and will come after you if you go over budget in the future. Extra funds came out of peoples' pockets.