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LaserCalendarAdd.png GcalAdd.png

Add ATX Hackerspace Laser calendar via the (+) icon on the calendar widget linked [1]
Visual of Google Calendar popup when adding via the (+) icon on the calendar widget shown above
Viewing existing reservations
Creating a new reservation

Step 1: You've taken the laser class, correct? If not then you can't use the lasers.

Step 2: Make sure you have access to the laser calendar. Go to Google Calendar, make sure you are logged into a google account, and make sure that the calendar "ATX Hackerspace Laser Scheduling" shows up in the list on the left-hand side (same list as your name).

If that calendar doesn't show up then:

  1. Be logged into your google / gmail account
  2. In the same browser, go to [2] and click on the white-on-blue (+) icon on the bottom right hand side of the calendar
  3. This will pop you over to your page and ask you to "add the calendar to your google calendar", and you should click OK and let it
  4. (You can hide the Laser Calendar appointments if they are cluttering up your calendar via the right hand side of the google calendar page, and unhide them when you need to pick a time to use the laser)

Step 3: Make sure the laser calendar is checked & visible in that left-hand column. You should see reservations made by other members.

Step 4: Click the red plus (+) in the bottom-right corner of the screen to add an event. Add the title (e.g. "Jane Doe RED"), date & time, use the pulldown (to the left of the color selection) to switch the calendar from your personal one (e.g. "Jane Doe") to "ATX Hackerspace Laser Scheduling", and if you want to be really nice change the color to red or blue based on which laser you are going to use. Leave the pulldown directly underneath set to "Default Visibility" so others can see your reservation.
NOTE: If you do not use the plus (+) icon, but click on the times slot itself, the event you create will be added only to your own calendar.

Step 5: Click "Save" and you're done. Verify your new event shows up on the calendar.